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What's up? It's Damon It's Jo And it's Damon and Jo And, we are here this time to talk to you all about something that is really important for us and really interesting for you It's actually very hard for us And it's practically impossible for us because each time you learn a foreign language there are some words and phrases that are practically impossible to pronounce wow... like,... that was difficult Even if you speak well, you manage well, you get by well in a language There'll always be.... There'll always be some words which are impossible which will distinguish you as a foreigner And this is sad This is sad because of this: "Excuse me Miss do you need help?" uh? Yes, I need help but in French, please. This is so sad and I want to tell everyone who speaks French that if you're listening to me, speaking in French, don't change to English! JO: PLEASE!!! DAMON: OMG, this is the worst! (They are talking to you Montreal!) And this is the reason why we've created this list of every single word which is imprononceable (???) Let's get started! I wanted to say impossible Or unpronounceable? Both? Impronounceable! The first word on the list which is very difficult and that we use on regular basis What is it? [HAPPY] It's like,... It ends too suddenly Happy (in the feminine form — heureuse, in French) it's OK But, happy (masculine — heureux) it isn't, the word is too short [MURDER] Words like this one just need to... die [TO BITE] French people! The French language is very beautiful It's one of the most beautiful language It's THE most beautiful language of the entire world, I think If you can talk! Yes, if you can talk! You know what's funny? It's when someone speaks English we think it sounds so cute and so beautiful When a foreigner speaks? Yes, Yeah! For instance, a French person who tries to speak in English It's cute The accent,... it's sexy But, on the other hand like,... when an American tries to speak in French I have the feeling you don't find this cute Do you think it's cute? Nobody has ever given us a compliment [LOCKSMITH] Like "surgery"? No, that's "chirurgie" (⟶ surgery ) I'll add "chirurgie" (surgery) to the list [GREY] "Gris"? This one is easy No! No, it's not I find it... like... for instance, I put the grey cat in the grey house [TO DISRUPT] OK! in Portuguese it's "perturbar", it's easy! Just like,... French tires me out [HORROR] Horror also in English, for you French people, I'm sure it's difficult, too! It's an horror Horrible (with a French accent, so cute!) Oh that is horrible!! (still with a cute French accent!) Stop it! I'm like exaggerating I EXAGERRATE (trying to pronounce it in french) (adding this one to the list) There are three cities in France For instance, there are Rouen, Rennes and Reims ... wait! Let me see... Reims? But why? (wondering about the spelling and the pronunciation???) An other word [SURGERY] Who has created this one? Surgery, so... I need a surgery on my tongue because it's hiding after this video The next one and the list is almost done Actually, we're already at the end of the list but we added a word which was the verb [TO EXAGGERATE] This is the word... This is MY word there This is my word I can use this word to express myself completely I exaggerate I exaggerate with everything in my life And, it's me! I'm as difficult as the word This video will never end because we'll keep adding new words to the list If I continue speaking French the list is going to be... like,... never-ending I also have a book right here a book for kids You bought it at Gibert Jeune(french bookstore) right? I don't know... The Lafayette Galeries There you go guys That's it. It's always going to be hard to speak a language without an accent Did you hear me? There's a lot of accent there.(pointing at mouth) But do not give up! You must continue. No. It's important to keep going with french. and you French people if you hear a foreigner or an american be patient with them. PLEASE! We need that, we need your help and we need your patience, too There you go, that's it! If you liked this video give a big thumps up please! also comment down below if there is a word in english that you find difficult because we're going to make a video about that. "How to pronounce too difficult words in english" for you all We know that there are a lot of words. also follow us on all social medias; Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram We are @damonandjo on all of them. But wait! There's more! We also have a blog shutupandgo.travel and we want to see you there And we will see you in the next video also Kisses! with these accents. Sexy or not I don't know. oh... ciao! Intervene, I'll add that page 45 ...I glance at the professional brass plates affix on the façades of the chic and trendy buildings... Cool, okay! If you all want to see more of us in french there are two videos here. click on them! And we'll see you there with more topics, and more difficulties ciao