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Yo! Hello everyone! It's Damon, it's Jo, it's Damon and Jo We are American youtubers who try to speak French So click LIKE because it's hard! This morning we tweeted you something, we tweeted what? What did we tweet? Because it was me who tweeted! This morning we tweeted: We're about to film 'Which one of us?' So send us your questions! yes! Which one of you has done the most studies? Who has done the most studies? Jo, because I dropped out of school Yes, and I finished my Bachelors But who did the most studying during their studies? I think it was me! But the funny thing is I finished my studies, the classes But I was never there! yeah! 'Which one of you is the best at sports?' Pfft, not me! It's Damon! On a musical level, it's her! Instruments, music, dancing, yep it's her But that doesn't mean I can't dance, okay? 'Which one of you twerks the best?' Well, there ya go! It's not like I don't know how to dance guys, it's just that We have different styles of dancing! That's it! Thank you! If it's salsa music, Brazilian music, twerking. It's totally me! It's totally her I can't control my booty! I don't know, when there's a 'beat' ('beat' sounds like 'bite' which is slang for dick 😂😂😂) "I can't control my butt!" What she wants to say is BEAT! No dicks here, no! No dicks! 'Which one of you sleeps the most?' I don't know but... It's me! Yes! I really like to sleep! BUT I can say that during this week I don't sleep at night For example, two days ago I'm in my bed, quiet, watching Netflix All of a sudden I hear a noise And of course it's Jo who was running from her room I was running sooo fast! Like to the toilet! If I wake up one day and you're in my bed I'm gonna start locking my door! (J: Imagine that!) 'Which one of you likes French cuisine the most?' We both really like cheese but for me It's my stomach that doesn't like it! Yes we really like cheese but we don't like the rind You know what I really like!? I don't know if you've already tasted it or not. Chef Jo Yes, you say that everyday fuck! 'How many kids do each of you want? I love you!' I don't know if I love kids... She wants one daughter who will be called Jaz and me I'm going to have a kid, a boy called Parker 'Which one of you is the most polite, Damon and Jo?' Me, I'm the most, I don't know like, warm/welcoming yeah I'll talk with... The most ass-kissing Yes, I'm an ass-kisser, yes We would be in a business meeting and we don't like the person we're talking to and she would act like (J: I can..) Ahh yeah, it's really great we'll send you an email after (J: no,no,no it's not fake) and me I'd be like okay... Me, I like talking with everybody like even if you're an idiot I'll... I like communicating with people 'Which of one of you sings the best?' I think Damon has a very beautiful voice I sing really really well! sometimes Sometimes I hear something: Am I at the opera or is it just Damon? Like, punk rock I can hit those notes! (J: Yes, not me) Because it's a guy, well teenager who sings them Then there are R&B songs Yes, then it's me which go like: ... Then there were people who sent us questions which were not 'Which one of you?' but they're still questions They were like: I'm gonna send questions and we say: okay! that's fine! We'll answer! (D: like that!) 'How long have spoken French?' I started speaking French when I was 13? 14? yes, it was early but at the same time I stopped before high school After that I didn't speak it but I had a strong feeling towards French Me, I started learning French when I was 17 I had studied Spanish before then I studied it at university we both studied in Paris No but I didn't study it because I was at university D: to study business in Paris (J: yes but not French) But I studied French linguistics and all that We both speak French, we have French friends who we speak French with Not me (D: no?) like, I need French friends! I don't know, now I try to speak more Portuguese maybe Italian and French it's... It's hard! You have to.. (D: She does what she wants) You have to make time everyday to study each language (D: yep!) It's a commitment! 'What's difficult when learning French?' Okay, the pronunciation first of all pffft, yes! The letters R, U The letter E. (D: E) Different accents when writing Like the past tense (TN: present perfect tense in English) there are 17 verbs which take 'être' in the past tense if you speak French you'll know But if you speak often and if you practice It's not impossible Aww, that's beautiful! (J: Ahh! My heart!) 'Have you heard Quebec French?' YES! We can get by in French but when we go to Montreal we question that! Can we understand? ... No But there were so many times when I went to say something in French thinking they would understand me and actually it's a word from France and I didn't know that it was so different They're like ... what? It's really impressive to see that everybody speaks two languages perfectly It's great! But it's also bad for us because if we speak in French badly make mistakes They'll change to English like that! and that's everything! We want to know 'What are the topics you'd want to see us film?' because.. French, for me, is important for you it's necessary! Make sure you subscribe to our channel We're going to pass 200,000 subscribers! 200,000! just sayin' speak wisely or say nothing If you liked it, of course hit the LIKE button We love you lots! Leave a comment down below follow us on all the uhh social networks something like that and that's it! We're so hungry, we're gonna go eat something Okay, kisses byeee!