Tutorial Transcript

Hello everyone! Daria here, and welcome to another practice video As usual you look at the picture – I ask simple questions Some of the answers you will know looking at the picture, and some of them you'll have to guess The most important thing is that you should answer ANYTHING Even if you don't know, just say anything out loud Here we go! Look at the picture. Who is this? Is this a cow? No, of course it's not a cow This is an elephant What is his name? His name is Viktor Petrovich Where does he live? He lives in Manhattan Does he live in Africa? No, not in Africa of course This elephant lives in New York For how many years has he been living in New York? Has he been living in New York for 100 years? No, he's been living in New York for only 3 months 3 months ago he arrived to New York Where did he come from? He came from Ukraine, from Kiev Now he lives in Manhattan What does he do? Does he work in a circus? Of course not! He works as a bank manager Does he work as a manager in the store? No, he works as a manager in American Bank Is he happy or sad? He is happy. Look, he is smiling He is very glad And why is he glad? He is happy because he is going to McDonald's Where is he going? He is going to McDonald's He is very happy He likes to eat hamburgers How many hamburgers can Viktor Petrovich eat? Can Viktor Petrovich eat only one hamburger? Nooo, he can eat 10,000 humburgers This elephant likes to eat fast food very much And that was it for this little story about this elephant And if you have anything else to say about him in Russian – leave it in the comments And for today that's it, thank you very much for watching and I hope to see you in my next video. Bye-bye