Tutorial Transcript

Hello everyone, Daria here, and welcome to another practice video As usual, you look at the picture and I ask you simple questions Answer them out loud and when you don't know the answer – just guess If you don't understand something, the full text is below this video, in the description box and you can use English or Russian subtitles But please try to concentrate on listening and speaking here we go! Who is on this picture? This is a cat Is it a dog on the picture? No, it's a cat on the picture Where's the cat? The cat is on the picture This is a picture of a cat Whose picture is this? This is a picture of a cat What's this cat's name? Is this cat's name Fluffy? No, this cat's name is Ivan Ivanovich Is this cat's name Ivan Petrovich? No, his name is Ivan Ivanovich What is his name? His name is Ivan Ivanovich Where does he live? He lives in Afganistan Does he live in Russia? No, he doesn't live in Russia He lives in Afganistan Who lives in Afghanistan? Cat. Ivan the cat lives in Afganistan Where does he live? He lives in Afganistan What is his profession? Is he a teacher? No, he's not a teacher Is he a doctor? No, he's not a doctor He is a cosmonaut Is Ivan Ivanovich a cosmonaut? Yes, Ivan Ivanovich the cat is a cosmonaut You see the little flag? What is a job of this cat? This cat works as a cosmonaut Does he like his job? Yes, he likes his job He likes to be a cosmonaut Does he hate his job? No, he likes his job very much This is the first cosmonaut-cat in history Ok, that's it for the questions, now pause the video and try to tell the story of this cat yourself And keep practicing until you feel that you can answer each question without any hesitation Thank you very much for watching, I hope to see you in my next video