Tutorial Transcript

Hello everyone! In this video you'll practice your Russian again As usual you look at the picture and I ask simple questions Some of the answers you'll know from the picture, and some of them you'll have to guess So if you don't know the answer, just improvise, answer anything As usual, there are English and Russian subs, but try not to use them Try to concentrate on listening because listening is the most important part of these lessons. Ok, here we go Look at the picture. Who is on it? This is a man. On the picture there is a man Is it a woman on this picture? No, this is a man. How old is he? He is 30 Is it a young man? Yes, he is young. Just 30 years old And what is his name? John. His name is John. What is his profession? He is a photographer. Is he a doctor? No, he is a photographer. He takes pictures Is he in the city? No, he is not in the city He is far away from the city Who is not in the city? The man. John. The man on the picture is not in the city And where is he? He's outdoors. In the mountains Is he in the mountains? Yes, he is in the mountains What is he looking at? At the mountains He's looking at the mountains Is the man looking at the sea? No, he is looking at the mountains Are these mountains located in Russia? No, they are not in Russia They are in other country In what country are these mountains located? in Switzerland These mountains are located in Switzerland Are they in America? No, in Switzerland These mountains are in Switzerland What is located in Switzerland? The mountains. These are the Switzerland mountains Now look at the sky What color is it? It's blue The sky is blue What is blue? The sky is blue. Is it red? No, it is not red. It is blue. Are there clouds on the sky? Yes, there are clouds on the sky So, the young man is looking at the Switzerland mountains, and above him there is the blue sky with clouds And that was it. Now try describe this picture in Russian giving all the information you can remember And don't forget that you can subscribe to my free Russian language email course just go to http://realrussianclub.com/subscribe And thank you very much for watching, I hope to see you in my next video. Bye-bye!