Tutorial Transcript

Hello everyone and welcome to another speaking lesson! This one is more for upper-beginners and intermediate students. Because today we are having something more challenging Usually I asked easy questions after each sentence and you already knew the answer from the question. Today we are going to combine the answers you already know and the answers you don't know So if you hear the question you don't know how to answer to just improvise, try to guess So look at this picture, I'm going to describe it in Russian and after that I will ask you questions Here we go Look at the picture This is a young and beautiful girl. Her hair is long. The girl is wearing a yellow dress. She's holding flowers in her hands. She's smelling the flowers. Ok, and now let's try the questions Who is this? This is a girl. What kind of girl is that? This girl is young and beautiful. Is she old and ugly? No, she is young and beautiful. What is her name? Maria. The girl's name is Maria. Is her name Anastasia? No, her name is Maria. How old is she? 25. Maria is 25 years old. Is she 40? No, she is just 25. Is she married? No, she is single. She is divorced. Is she divorced? Yes, she is divorced. She divorced with her husband. What kind of dress is she wearing? Yellow one. Is it green? No, it's yellow. She's wearing the yellow dress. Does she like to wear dresses? Yes, she loves wearing dresses. And what about her nails? Long ones. Are her nails short? No, they are long. and variegated Her nails are colored in different colors And what is her profession? She is a doctor. Maria is a doctor. She's a doctor. Is she an actress? No, she is a doctor. She is a doctor. Is her hair short? No, it's not short. She has long hair. And what is she doing? Smelling flowers. She is smelling the flowers. And that was ir for today. I hope you enjoyed it. And remember, if you want to receive free Russian lessons, subscribe to my email course - go to http://realrussianclub.com/subscribe That's it. Thank you very much for watching. I hope to see you in my next video.