Tutorial Transcript

Hello everyone and welcome to another Russian speaking lesson. As usual it's based on the TPRS method teaching proficiency through reading and storytelling and if you use this method, youll learn how to think in Russian that's why I use super easy questions here so you can give the answer automatically, without thinking and without analyzing grammar In today's lesson we're going to talk about this cat and you will not know the answer on most of the questions so just guess, try to improvise. let's get started Look at the picture who is this? this is a cat is this a pig? no, this is the cat What kind of cat is this? It's a red cat is he black? No, he is red Is this cat big? Not very. he's not very big. "Medium-sized" cat. Not small and not big. Medium How old is this cat? He is 40 years old Is he 4? No, he is 40 years old Yes, this is a long-lived cat. He's been living for long Is this cat young? No, he's already 40 Where is he going? to work He's going to work. Is he going to the store? No, he's going to work It's Monday and he works what does he do? He is a taxi-driver This cat is a taxi driver is he a teacher? No, he's a taxi driver how long has this cat been working in a taxi service? for 10 years he's been working in the taxi service for 10 years already Has he been working for 40 years? No, he is 40 himself. and he's been working for 10 years Where does he take the passangers? to the airport this cat takes the taxi-passangers to the airport In which country is this airport located? In Russia. Obviously This is a Russian taxi-driving cat Is he American? no, he's Russian The Russian cat that has been working in the taxi service for 10 years already And that was it for this absolutely absurd mini-story Now you can pause the video and tell everything you can remember about this taxi driver cat If you want to receive free Russian lessons, you can subscribe to my newsletter http://realrussianclub.com/subscribe And don't forget to subscribe to this channel for more lessons like this. Hope to see you in my next video. Bye-bye