Tutorial Transcript

Hello everyone and welcome to another Russian speaking lesson. Today I want you to improvise again. I will ask you questions and you will not know the answer. So you'll have to guess. Just answer anything, even if it's just YES, NO or I DON'T KNOW The point here is trying to speak no matter what. Ok, let's get started. Look at the picture. Who is this? This is a man. Is this a woman? No, this is a man. How old is he? He is 30 years old. Is he 50? No, he is 30. He is young. Is this an elderly man? No, this is a young man. He is 30. What is his name? His name is John. Is his name Vladimir? No, his name is John. John Smith. What is his last name? Smith. His last name is Smith. His name is John Smith. What is he doing? He is running. Is he walking? No, he is not walking, he is running. Is he swimming or running? He is running. He is running down the road Is he running on the stadium? No, he is running on the road. How is he running? Fast. He is running very fast. Where is he running? To the store. He is running to the store. Is he running to fitness-club? No, he is running to the store. What kind of store is he running to? to the grocery store They sell groceries there. Do they sell books there? No, in this store they sell groceries. And why is John running to the store? Does he want to buy something? No, he works there. Does he work in the museum? No, he works in the store. What does he do there? He is a store manager. John is a grocery store manager. How much money does he earn? He earns $10 per month. Does he earn $10,000 per month? No, he earns just $10. 10 dollars per month. That's it. Now stop the video and try to describe this picture yourself. and tell everything you can remember about John. And don't forget that you can receive my free Russian course via email if you subscribe on my website - http://realrussianclub.com/subscribe check out the decription box of this video to find the link. And that was it, thank you very much for watching. I hope to see you in my next video lesson. Bye-bye.