Tutorial Transcript

hi everybody Candace here welcome to ask a teacher but I am so you must come and French questions the question for this listen is what is the difference between any hominy and the hominy these words seem very similar but you have to memorize the differences otherwise you might confuse whoever you're speaking to so let's go through them the base world money means to lead it's a more general term for example Nepali human seasonal capital means Napoleon leads his army to the capital and this permanent Benji means I hope to lead a good life M&E means to lead to or to take someone to someplace you bring someone to someplace and leave them there hominy means to go with to bring someone along you go someplace with another person stay with them hominy means to lead back to take someone back you take someone back to the original place these prefixes are also used for the base verb party meaning to carry or to bring remember that party can only be used with inanimate objects if you are talking about a person cats or even an alien you have to use money a party means to take - to bring - you're bringing something someplace and leaving it there operty means to bring with you're bringing something someplace and staying with it cup of tea means to bring back you're taking something back to the place it belongs or its place of origin so remember the prefixes ah take and live Oh bring with and bring back one more time ah taken leave all bring with and bring back if you remember the prefixes you should know the meanings that's it for this listen I hope that clears things up for you if you have any more questions please leave them in the comments below and I try to answer them a dental season you