Tutorial Transcript

hi everybody can this year welcome to ask a teacher while I answer your most common French questions the question for this lesson is what does do mean do is tricky for a lot of French learners especially English speakers because it's a pronoun that doesn't exist in English it's used to lead two sentences together without repeating the noun there is no single translation and has a few different uses here are the two main ones first don't replaces any personal thing after a verb please the construction for example a verb is one due to need or so happily do to remember let's look at some examples so you can learn how to use don't correctly say you had a strange dream but you can't seem to remember what it was about in two sentences you could say she fell has bizarre mean I had a weird dream and tsunami happened pad you have meaning I don't remember the dream here you say Reb mini dream twice using dome you can combine those sentences into one jiffy on a visa Dona moça Palpa I had a weird dream that I don't remember other verbs that use don't this way includes so Cupid do you need to look after Susie Aldo meaning to make use of and Polly do to speak of as well as any add projective priests do construction like at Rakuten due to be placed with with pallid meaning to talk about an example would be Laden don't repeal partnership or Ning the lady I'm talking about is wearing a red skirt here's another example with etiquette order 2 be happy about its voila we live don't Erica not meaning here's the book that she's pleased with the other way we use don't translates to who's for example let's take these two sentences first show to present obey meaning this is Robert Lucar dovabear feminism Roberts brother paints my house using them you can shorten these to show to present who they don't feminism this is Roberts whose brother paints my house here's another example Shiva Mon Ami means I met my friend la femme de mon ami verbs on to a baja BB means my friend's wife is having a baby soon so together it would be G vimanam do Lapham vibes on to Ivana BB which means I met my friend whose wife is having a baby soon and that's it I hope I helped clear things up if you have any more questions please leave them in the comments below and I try to answer them I don't - see you soon