Tutorial Transcript

hi everybody candice here welcome to ask a teacher what I answer you must come on French questions the question for this listen is how do i form the future tenses and when should I use them there are two future tenses in French the future posh and future sample posh means near when we use which of course we're talking about the near future things that will happen soon conjugation is easy we use the present tense of ally to go and then add the infinitive so the verb nagi to swim becomes Raveena ji meaning I'm going to swim to Vanessa meaning you're going to swim LLL vanish a meaning he is going to swim and so on to make the future Santa we add the stem plus the ending the verb stem for E and E verbs it just the infinitive so the verb stem for Nagi is Nagi the verb stem for finish to finish is finish for her verbs we drop the e so vonda becomes Vantaa the endings are very similar to the present conjugation of avoir they're always the same a however there are irregular stems which you will have to memorize we go throw the most important ones now saying the verb it's them a sample conjugation and it's translation Ali yeah GA I will go at save Chisora you will be Ava Oh Aloha we will have proved our poor new poem we will be able to vulva vu de Vaudreuil you will want to veneer beyond any other home they will come savoir so jus soli I will no fair fair chief aha you will do or make over ye of their own over her she will send ok so which one should you use you'll use the future posh for the near future and she chose Santa for things that are further in the future if you are going to go swimming right after this listen use feature of course juvinity if you will swim in the ocean on your vacation in Barcelona use feature example you national ma future Santa is also used in some forms like if statements but we will cover those in later lessons so don't worry about it now if you use mostly future push when speaking you'll be just fine do you have any more questions please leave them in the comments below and I try to answer them and yell to see you soon you you