Tutorial Transcript

hi everybody candies here welcome to ask a teacher but I answer you must come on French questions the question for this lesson is how do i express doubt or uncertainty in English we usually use modal verbs to express doubt or uncertainty like might or would French however doesn't have modal verbs you have to use completely different constructions let's start with might as in I might go to the party the easiest way to do this is to simply add the adverb potat meaning maybe so you would get a reputed halawet another way to say might or may is to use the super Q plus the subjunctive for example is so popular what you sweatin pan meaning it is possible that the car is broken down or the car might be broken down but be careful if you want to say something might have happened in the past you have to use past subjunctive so for example is super casual English this means I might have read it or it's possible that I've read it let's move on to code and take the sentence I could eat a well in this case you're speaking about something you could do in the future so you use the conditional on the verb can which is proved WA and you get a super emotion belen but let's say you want to talk about something you could have done in the past in this case you would use prove WA in the past perfect for example jewelry promotion velena meaning I could have eaten a whale now let's look at would you probably already know this form in the present tense for example ravu delicate Monsieur I would like the croque-monsieur the is the conditional present you may also remember it from a previous lesson about East statements for example and party receives it's a play meaning we would live if you were ready this is case two an unlikely situation that could come true if something else happened first if you want to say that you would have in the past then just conjugate the verb in the conditional perfect for example Julie voodoo on croque-monsieur meaning I would have liked a croque monsieur finally let's talk about showed should is conjugated as the conditional of the verb do voir meaning to have two or musts then you add the infinitive of the verb that you should have done for example reduce memory meaning i should eat or undo the party meaning we should leave this is a very helpful construction so make sure to memorize the conditional present tense of the wah if you want to talk about something you should have done conjugate the wah in the conditional perfect I should have eaten would be jewelry jewelry we should have left would be unagi Jupiter you should have memorized it would be the Soviet Jewry memorization and that's it I hope that helped if you have any more questions please leave them in the comments below and I try to answer them ad on to see you soon you