Tutorial Transcript

hi everybody can this year welcome to ask a teacher but I answer you must come on French questions the question for this lesson is when should I use the subjunctive the subjunctive can be difficult for English speakers since English doesn't really have a subjunctive mood luckily conjugating decision T's is pretty easy the endings are always the same but there are some irregular stems we'll go over some of the irregular stands in this listen so you can get used to them so when do we use the subjunctive we use the subjunctive after expressions like contra de to fear a McCue - like the dista - to hate sweetie cue to wish do take you - dolt some liquor to seem and fell water to have two or mists what do these expressions have in common they express fear a wish command and uncertainty things like this are what we have subjects his feelings about okay let's look at some examples just be cool to entreaty suicune tone meaning I'm happy that you're happy is a feeling and you virtual of us meaning I want him to do it expresses a will or desire there are a few things to not hear one we need two subjects for the subjunctive one person wanting wishing fearing or demanding another person to do something SIGINT take a look at this sentence and the prospects report on say this is where subjunctive can get tricky she doesn't think that I can speak French meaning she doubts that I can if she thinks I can then there is no attitude of doubt in this case we don't use the subjunctive so in the papal secured to not think uses the subjunctive where response acute to think doesn't do people use the subjunctive in spoken French this is a tough question in written French you must use the subjunctive when necessary but in spoken French it's not so common however if you want to speak proper elegant French then definitely use the subjunctive do you have any more questions please leave them in the comments below and I try to answer them a lot of see you soon you