Tutorial Transcript

hi everybody Candace here welcome to ask a teacher but I answer your most common French questions the question for this lesson is what are some indispensable phrases and grammar structures for French learners in this lesson we're going to go over some phrases that will help you organize your thoughts we're going to try to use phrases that don't need to be conjugated so that you can use them even with unfamiliar verbs first is secure with Sookie see this is a great construction to really hammer home your point you're putting the wizard first and then the reason for example Sakuma stupid she threw mud or SP which means what really shocked me was the lack of respect another form of this is loofah to stop this means the fact that it's an example is blue fetch if survey say Masucci meaning the fact that he knew that shot me you already know the word to to mean for but it can also mean in order to just add an infinitive after pool for an easy way to say in order to for example Oh Natalya mashup washed Oedipa Nina we went to the market in order to buy bread here are some ways to show causation graça always undo and echoes do glossa means thanks to an example is Grasso podcast do people even say meaning thanks to podcasts I can speak French graça shows appreciation always will do means because of its natural compared to casa an example is arisen the circumstance sure esta see meaning because of the circumstances I'm staying here echoes do has a negative connotation Aiko's daddy did Yoho do blame his eczema means because of him I had to redo my exams on fat is often used at the beginning of sentences it means in fact or actually notice that you pronounce the T breath is another common sentence starter it means in short or long story short common means anyways though you'll hear it all the time at the end of sentences and the beginning an example is Miss Roselli a victory common meaning but I went with him anyways or we make mmm meaning yes but still the next phrase should only be used in conversation but it can be very useful it's us Chris Reda meaning do you get when I mean French people use this all the time to make sure that another person is following what they are saying for French learners it's a great way to make sure what you've said actually makes sense and that's it try using these phrases they will help you sound more fluent and there will also help organize your thoughts do you have any more questions please leave them in the comments below and I try to answer them adjunctive see you soon