Tutorial Transcript

hi everybody Candace here welcome to ask a teacher but I answer your most common French questions the question for this lesson is what are some French business expressions many French business expressions can also be used in casual settings so it's good to know the standard phrases so you can communicate in both types of situations in this lesson we will go over some basic business expressions that you can use in French German excuse Jota which means I am sorry for being late it's a very useful phrase you can use this for whatever reason you can manage to be on time for meeting or just come in late to the office you can also say dizzily Paulo Jota which means the same thing but it's a little more casual if you're asked to write a report and want to know when it's due you can ask come to Alejandro hopper which literally means when should I give the report if you are little busy at work and want to let your co-workers know you can use this phrase resident hand organism or Devo hunt huddle means to be in the middle of something so the example resident hand organism rendezvous means I'm in the middle of organizing a meeting so honda-kun is another great idiom to use in business it literally means realize or be aware let's go over how to use it for example if your team has a lot of work to do but you will be out of turn the next week you can say how difficult kudos trees of accomplishment potion which means take into consideration that I'm on vacation next week if your boss needs something urgently and you have just finished your work you can use the phrase venado which little means to come from it's also an expression that means just now if you want to say I just finished my project you can say redundant phenomena J when everything is finished you can use the phrase sit and please do the collabo have a group which means it's a pleasure doing business with you you can also use ravaghi which means work instead of collaborate with travel the phrase would be sittin please do de travailler avec vous which means it's a pleasure working with you and that's it I hope these phrases can come in handy for you if you have any more questions please leave them in the comments and I try to answer them at the other snoozin