Tutorial Transcript

hi everybody can this year welcome to ask a teacher but I answer your most common French questions the question for this lesson is what are some examples of the slang la vella if you talk to a French friend about common slang words they're probably ask you if you've heard of Vella Vella is a variation of novel which means the rivers if you reverse the syllabus of flow there you get Vella Nova Vella Vella Vella is kind of like Pig Latin if you've ever heard of that a key difference is that people really speak in pig latin whereas french people use velone all the time but only certain words turn into Velo for example one of the most common french interjections roof comes from vellum it's actually full reversed foo woof who is an adjective that means crazy or mad woof means the same thing except that you can use it on its own say someone asks you how your day was and you've just had the craziest day we've all had those you might just respond oof pretty useful right another common word in Velo is math that comes from fam which means woman mirth though is more casual if a man says mammoths that means my woman oh my girlfriend if he says my fam that means my wife Hulu is another good one which comes from Lou or heavy Hulu is mostly used to describe a person who's a drag or someone that you don't want to be around some other very long words pretty much keep their meaning show me from Missha or mean but in Velo it's actually means awesome or amazing Xabi is bizarre a wheeled repo is push or oten Shalu is lush or shady and red it can get a bit hard to follow but it's pretty fun right to make things even more confusing there's another variation of a law it's who --velum --velum word reversed again this is only a burns to certain words though take fleet which is slang for policemen fleet in Velo became gif however kev was a slang word originally only used by tags however it became a usual slang term so they change kev into fuck so keV went through Hoover alone and became fuck which sounds like a certain word in English I guess it reflects how some young people feel about Lee flick breaking up their parties and that's it in another lesson we'll talk about curse words and their place in French culture if you had any more questions please leave them in the comments a dental solution you