Tutorial Transcript

hi everybody can this year welcome to ask a teacher while I answer your most common French questions the question for this lesson is how do you say I'm excited to do something by now you are probably starting to speak French pretty well but sometimes when you don't know a word you take an English word and French if I eat now usually this is a really good idea and it shows that you have a good understanding of the language but there are times when this will not work saying you're excited for something is a great example of why you should be careful let's say you're wandering around Paris and you become completely lost you need directions so you go up to someone on the street and say I am lost just repel do this is perfectly correct you've taken the past participle of the verb and use it as an adjective now imagine you and that person become friends and he or she invites you to a party you think in your head I am excited and you French if I ate saying this is excitation well Exeter is definitely an example of a time where you should not French fi a word it means to turn on so if you say just physic city or samox it you are telling the person you are horny this could definitely be embarrassing for you using HCT is a common mistake for English speakers if you want to say you're excited for something use a while I do this literally means to have haste to a better translation would be I cut wait another way to express that you can't wait for something is at compositionally did effective Kershaw's meaning literally to be impatient at the idea of doing something but ever add is still more commonly used so instead of saying physics into the two avoir or it turns me on to see you again say G at the tawa meaning I look forward to seeing you again or if you're excited to see the city of nice say G adversity nice maybe you have a French pen pal and you are finally going to meet him or her in person say G at the Velvet reconnaissance I can't wait to meet you now remember don't be discouraged or embarrassed keep playing around with French sometimes you won't know a word so give it your best guess and even if you make a mistake like this one french people will probably find it funny and that's it for this listen if you have any more questions please leave them in the comments below and I try to answer them Adele - see you soon you