Tutorial Transcript

hi everybody can is here welcome to ask a teacher but I answer your most common French questions the question for this lesson is when should I use sin Elmo and Tom we might translate all of these words as so or so much they all intensify words so instead of something being just good it's so good or instead of someone just working someone can work so much however we can't use them interchangeably so let's take a look at each one first see you might remember that C can be used to respond negatively to a negative question but C can also be used to emphasize an I ejected or adverb for example ELISA Danton meaning he is so nice here C modifies the adjective Jean says now let's use it with an adverb I'll cook save it this means she runs so fast you can also use telmo in either of these sentences a little more subtle meaning he is so nice and ELQ often mojit meaning she runs so fast ok so when should you use 10 mo and not C or vice versa first you should use C and not telmo when making comparisons so you could say a new capacity Kouta meaning she does not run as fast as you but you cannot say a new capital move it get wa that will be incorrect also tell mo is not as formal as C here's when you shouldn't you see but tell me instead Telmo can be used to mean so much or so many it can modify nouns whereas C cannot so you could say city T she returned one deliver meaning this summer I read so many books notice how we added do additionally Telmo can be an adverb all by itself for example gentlemen success I like that place so much you couldn't say them CHS because there is no adverb to modify alright now let's talk about Tom like ten more doe means so much or so many it's used to emphasize quantity for example to Pattaya meaning you can laugh so much or maybe you want to say there are so many people that will be Elliot on the moon again notice that is also used when tone is before a noun tom is probably more common than Telmo so as a rule of thumb use don't to talk about quantity telmo as an adverb and see if you want to make a comparison or to intensify an adverb or objective before we end this listen here are two expressions with tone that French people use all the time their first is Tom please meaning too bad and Tom you means all the better and that's it if you have any more questions please leave them in the comments below and I try to answer them again to see you soon