Tutorial Transcript

hi everybody Candace here welcome to ask a teacher but I answer your most common French questions the question for this listen is what are some English words that French speakers often use there are a lot of English words that I used in spoken French and a lot of words of foreign origin in general however because they are not considered proper French they are all treated as linked l'académie française or the French Academy regularly comes up with French words to replace these foreign words but they don't always catch on let's take a look at some examples this one must be the most popular the word okay if you want to speak proper French say Becca or its shortened form back but you will hear French people say okay all the time here are some more examples you can probably guess their meanings a weekend Matilda fell jogging fell discipline and stress clothes are commonly referred to you using English words as well for example ampulla is a pullover unsweet a t-shirt Regina here's a fun fact the English word denim actually comes from French since denim originally came from the French city meme they were the name or from name technology related words are often from English as well for example Luigi or Wi-Fi clicky or to click blog podcasting the list goes on not that foreign words are always masculine so a lot of times you can use an English word with a French accent and it will mean the same thing but there are other times that they can mean a bit different let's go through some examples a Mela is an email not a letter of post mail top actually means best here's one that's a bit tricky and interview if someone is being interviewed by the press then it's uh natal you if you are going to a job interview then it's an illusion here are also some non English loanwords which comes from arabic ambled means a small town lucasta means house and cafe is a verb meaning to like a love and that's it for now do you have any more questions please leave them in the comments below and I try to answer them I do too see you soon you