Tutorial Transcript

Everyone, Happy New Year! Hi, everyone! It’s me Katya with you and the Russian Holiday Words. Yeah! Today, we are going to be talking about New Year’s Day so Happy New Year everyone! С новым годом! (S novym godom!) Let’s begin our New Year with... Новый год (Novyy got) “New Year's” This is the name of the holiday. There is no like specific day or evening or some time you should start celebrating. So during the night between 31st of December until January 1st, exactly at 12:00 PM between 31st of December and January 1st, we say С Новый годом! (S Novym godam!) “Happy New Year!” We have a proverb, Как встретишь Новый год, так его и проведешь. (Kak fstretish' Novyy god, tak yevo i pravedyosh'.) “The way you celebrate the New Year shows how the whole year will go.” So it’s very important to celebrate the New Year’s Eve very, very … argh! салат Оливье и шампанское (salat Aliv'ye i shampanskaye) “Olivier salad and champagne” The Olivier salad is not French. It’s Russian and must-be-on-the-table salad. Also, шампанское (shampanskaye), they’re just sparkling wine from Soviet Union times, we keep drinking, we keep opening every New Year’s celebration. Мам, ты ж не забудь Оливье и шампанское! (Mam, ty zh ne zabudt Aliv'ye i shampanskaye!) “Mom, don’t forget Olivier and champagne!” новогодний "Голубой огонек" (navagodniy "Galuboy aganyok") “New Year`s Little Blue Light” Basically, it’s a musical concert which is very famous that goes on air on Russia 1 TV channel, specifically on the New Year’s Eve. It’s very popular Во сколько начинается новогодний "Голубой огонек"? (Va skol'ka nachinayetsa navagodniy "Galuboy aganyok"?) “What time does New Year`s Little Blue Light begin? новогоднее поздравление Президента (navagodneye pazdravleniye Prezidenta) “President`s New Year’s greetings” He will talk to his people and wish you and your country best of the best. And so after that, there is like countdown to the New Year like 10, 8, la, la, la… and then Happy New Year everyone! С новым годом! (S novym godom!) Я пропустил новогоднее поздравление Президента. (Ya prapustil navagodneye pazdravleniye Prezidenta.) “I missed President’s New Year’s greetings.” новогодняя елка (navagodnyaya yolka) “New Year`s tree” Basically in your house, it’s a christmas tree, but as we are decorating our old apartment and the tree for New Year specifically, we can call it New Year’s tree. “I found a great New Year`s tree.” Я нашел отличную новогоднюю елку. (Ya nashyol atlichnuyu navagodnyuyu yolku.) So guys, I hope you liked our video about New Year’s Day. If you experienced with someone or somewhere celebrating New Year’s with Russian people, please let me know. So keep in touch, check out the site and don’t forget to subscribe. Пока-пока! (Paka-paka!)