Tutorial Transcript

Hi everyone and it’s me Katyusha. Today, we are going to be talking about Savior of the Apple Feast Day. So it’s connected with the fruit, very holy fruit and connected with Bible is Apple. So let’s find out what kind of words and what kind of holiday it is. Яблочный Спас (yablachnyy spas) - Savior of the Apple Feast Day. Яблочный (yablachnyy) means Apple and Спас (spas) I think it means like saving someone. So on this day, people were picking up the first Apple harvest and in South areas, they were picking up first grapes and so this holiday is connected with Apple and the first grapes. In August, we are going to celebrate Яблочный Спас (yablachnyy spas). В августе мы будем праздновать Яблочный Спас. (V avguste my budem prazdnavat’ Yablachnyy spas). Преображение Господне (preabrazhenie gaspodne) - Тransfiguration of Jesus. So this is a day of transfiguration of Jesus and so the traditional name of this holiday is commonly known as a Savior of the Apple Feast Day. Преображение Господне является одним из чуд Господа Бога. (Preabrazheniye Gaspodne yavlyaetsya adnim iz chud Gospada Boga.) Transfiguration of Jesus is one of the miracles of God, yes! Сбор урожая яблок (sbor urazhaya yablak) - Apple harvest. You are not supposed to eat Apples before this holiday. You have to wait for it. Нельзя есть яблоки до первого сбора урожая яблок. (Nel’zya est’ yablaki do pervava sbora urazhaya yablak). You cannot eat Apples before the first Apple harvest. Божественная литургия (bazhestvenaya liturgiya) - Divine Liturgy. 19 августа в церкви проходит Божественная литургия. (Devyatnatsatava avgusta v tserkvi prahodit Bazhestvenaya liturgiya.) On August 19th, Divine Liturgy is served in the church. People who just have their first harvest of Apples, they will bring it to the church and have it blessed in there. Then you can cook it and eat it for the first time. The last piece you are eating, you can even make a wish and people used to believe that it will come true. You can try that too. Яблоко (yablaka) - Apple. This holiday is considered to be a first step of the Autumn to come over. So it was like saying goodbye to summer and saying hello to autumn. So there, we are saying that with the coming Яблочный Спас (yablachnyy spas) you also say hello to all the cold nights. Here has come Яблочный Спас (yablachnyy spas), so don’t forget to bring your gloves yo yo! Я приготовлю яблочный пирог сегодня. (Ya prigatovlyu yablachnyy pirog sevodnya.) I will make Apple pie today. Thank you for watching. Спасибо, спасибо! Today it was the Savior of the Apple Feast Day. I hope maybe you can cook some Apple pie in August to celebrate this interesting Christian holiday. Now don’t forget to check out the sites and I will see you next time. Пока, пока! (paka-paka!)