Tutorial Transcript

Hi everyone, it’s me Katyusha and today, we are going to talk about another Russian holiday word, “National unity day” is our topic today. Now let’s find out what it is and when Russian people celebrate it. День народного единства (Den' narodnava yedinstva) "National Unity Day" This is a holiday connected with Liberation of Moscow from Polish invaders. It happened in 1612 with the help of...let me check the names... Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky. So since then, we celebrate as a holiday on November 4th. Я бы хотел посетить Москву на День народного единства. (Ya by khatel pasetit' Maskvu na Den' narodnava yedinstva.) “I would like to visit Moscow on National Unity Day.” народное ополчение (narodnaye apalcheniye) “People’s army”. So, it’s when people get together and they want to show that they want to fight for something, fight for their belief in the idea or against something they don’t like. This is act of heroism of people connected together and their power. So this is how they could protect Moscow from invading from other countries. Благодаря народному ополчению Москву освободили от оккупантов. (Blagadarya narodnamu apalcheniyu Maskvu asvabadili at akkupantaf.) “Thanks to people’s army, Moscow was freed from invaders.” Большой Кремлёвский дворец (Bal'shoy Kremlyofskiy dvarets) “Grand Kremlin Palace” В этот день торжественный приём проходит в Большом Кремлёвском дворце. ( V etat den' tarzhestvennyy priyom prakhodit v Bal'shom Kremlyofskam dvartse.) “On this day, traditionally the festive reception is held in the Grand Kremlin Palace”. награда (nagrada) “award” В этот день Президент Российской Федерации вручает государственные награды. (V etat den' Prezident Rasiyskay Federatsii vruchayet gasudarstvennyye nagrady.) “On this day, the President of Russian Federation presents government awards.” День добрых дел (den` dobrykh del) “Day of Good Deeds” So you can just do some good deeds to people around you. You can participate in charity initiative or just help someone with anything you want and anything you like. На день добрых дел я бы хотела помочь своим друзьям. (Na den' dobrykh del ya by khatela pamoch' svaim druz'yam.) “On Day of Good Deeds, I would like to help my friends”. So thank you for watching. Today was another Russian holiday word and me Katyusha, and so now you know about National Unity Day. So don’t forget to check the site and to check our next holidays. Keep in touch Пока- пока (paka-paka)!