Tutorial Transcript

Привет всем! Hello again and my name is Katyusha and I am here with you for the next topic and the event we are having in Russia is, it’s Moscow International Film festival. Actually this film festival is one of the oldest international festivals in the world after the initial one. I think the first one was from 1935, can you imagine? Now let’s move to the words. Московский международный кинофестиваль (Maskovskiy mezhdunarodnyy kinafestival') Moscow International film festival. I am going to visit Moscow International Film festival next year. Я собираюсь в следующем году поехать на Московский международный кинофестиваль. (Ya sabirayus’ v sledushchem gadu poehat’ na Maskovskiy mezhdunarodnyy kinafestival’) Кинолента (kinalenta) or фильм (fil’m) - film. Создать эту киноленту было не легко для нас. (Sazdat’ etu kinalentu bylo ne lehko dlya nas) Making this film was not easy for us. There are many popular Russian movies that we love to watch and we keep watching. It’s like a tradition and we have to watch this same movie called “С лёгким паром!” so this movie we love watching years after years, and it’s still my favorite one. Награда (nagrada) - award. The award ceremony was just great. Церемония награждения была просто великолепна. (Tseremoniya nagrazhdeniya byla prostо velikalepna). Красная ковровая дорожка (krasnaya kavrovaya daroshka) - Red carpet. I wish I could walk on the red carpet. Хотела бы я пройтись по красной ковровой дорожке. (Hatela by ya praytis’ po krasnoy kavrovoy daroshke). What’s kind of interesting that the carpet doesn’t have to be Red as you can imagine it in the Hollywood. It could actually have a green color as well. So it depends on the year. We want to be special you know. Кинорежиссёр (kinarezhissyor) - filmmaker. When I grow up, I dream to become a filmmaker. Когда я вырасту, я мечтаю стать кинорежиссёром. (Kagda ya vyrastu, ya mechtayu stat’ kinorezhissyoram). Okay so thank you for watching us and I hope you liked our next holiday discussion which was Moscow international film festival and I hope you could remember all the words which were not that difficult. So hope to see you next time and don’t forget to check our site. Пока, пока!