Tutorial Transcript

Привет всем! Hi everyone! It's me, Katyusha, with you. And today our topic is International Women's Day. Yay! So let’s begin! Международный женский день (Mezhdunarodnyy zhenskiy den') “International Women's Day” Международный женский день (Mezhdunarodnyy zhenskiy den') You don't have to go to work on this day, it’s just like any holiday, New Years, or Christmas. And if you’re a girl or woman, you are allowed to get as many presents as you like on that day: flowers, chocolate, cars, jewelry, anything. That's one of my favorite days. So in Soviet Union they, they wanted to make this a very memorable so they created a holiday, which they named International Women's Day as on this strike there were many many women tried to fight for their rights, so yeah, that's how now it’s celebrated on March 8th, International Women's Day. “Next month, we'll celebrate International Women's Day.” В следующем месяце мы празднуем Международный женский день. (F sledushchem mesyatse my praznuyem Mezhdunarodnyy zhenskiy den’.) букет (buket) “bouquet” I think this world comes from French, like many other words in Russian language. Yeah one thing about bouquet in Russia, when you want to give someone a bouquet you better be careful that you have an odd number of flowers, because even number of flowers we give only on funerals, which should be 3, 5, 7, blah, blah, blah numbers, one; but not never 2 or 4, so it's a bit different from other countries, be careful. Вчера я получила прекрасный букет. (Fchera ya paluchila prekrasnyy buket.) “Yesterday, I received a beautiful bouquet.” тюльпан (tyul'pan) “tulip” Тюльпаны, мои любимые цветы. (Tyul'pany, mai lyubimyye tsvety.) “Tulips are my favorite flowers.” роза (roza) “rose” Она обожает розы. (Ana abazhayet rozy.) “She loves roses.” ”Служебный роман" ("Sluzhebnyy raman") “Office Romance” movie name. The movie taken during Soviet Union times, is super popular on March 8. It's about this woman who works a lot and it's really hard to reach her heart, and just two people who actually hate each other from the beginning, little by little start falling in love. And of course there hearts, woman's heart melt, and everything goes beautiful perfect romance. So let's check it out. “’Office romance’ is the best movie to watch on March 8.” "Служебный роман" - лучший фильм для просмотра 8 марта. (Sluzhebnyy raman" - luchshiy fil'm dlya prasmotra 8 marta.) So I hope you enjoy our topic, International Women's Day, and you can use some words, names of flowers, or watch movie on this day, and remember some Russian words. So enjoy it took to you later, and don't forget to subscribe. Пока, пока! Office Roses, No!