Tutorial Transcript

Hi everyone, it’s me Katyusha with you again and today, we are going to be talking about Russian Holidays, yeay! The first holiday is Ivan Kupala’s day. Kupala means swimming - купаться (kupat’sya) swimming in the river and Ivan comes from the saint you know. His name in Russian is Иоанн (Ioann) but in English, its John the Baptist. After the Christianity came to Russia, of course they switched from Pagan religion into Christianity. So what they did, they connected this holiday with the birth of John the Baptist. Okay now let’s get closer to topic and get into the words. День Ивана Купалы (Den’ Ivana Kupaly) Ivan Kupala’s Day. День Ивана Купала (Den’ Ivana Kupala). Мы празднуем день Ивана Купалы7 июля (My praznuem den’ Ivana Kupaly sed’mova iyulya) - We celebrate Ivan Kupala’s Day on July 7th. Иоанн Креститель (Ioan Krestitel’) - John the Baptist. Many people pray to John the Baptist. Много людей молятся Иоанну Крестителю. (Mnoga lyudey molyatsya Ioannu Krestitelyu). Okay? Вода (vada) - water. Вода (vada). Let’s get into water - Пошли заидём в воду. (Poshli zaidyom v vodu). Плетение венков (pletenie venkov) - weave wreaths Плетение венков (pletenie venkov). Let’s weave some wreaths for you. Давай сплетём тебе несколько венков. (Davay spletyom tebe neskol’ka venkov). So you get all the flowers together and you are making for each other nice flowers and then you put it on the river and you make it go with the flow with the water. Прыгать через костёр (prygat’ cherez kastyor) - jump over the bonfire Hey guys, let’s go jump over the bonfire. Ребята! Пойдём прыгнем через костёр! (Rebyata! Paydyom prygnem cherez kasyor!). So what do we do? Usually at night, we make a huge fire and all the couples gathering together. They go, they hold their hands, they walk around the fire and they kind of sing songs, very folklore, old like singing or praying you can call it. We jump over the fire. The end. It was Ivan Kupala with you and I hope you will try and celebrate it somewhere at night in the warm July and try jumping over the fire, but be careful, okay and don’t forget to check our site. Пока, пока! Yes.