Tutorial Transcript

wanna speak real Italian from your first lesson sign up for your free lifetime account at Italian pod 101.com ciao welcome to Italian weekly words this is ilaria and today's theme is family la familia something very important for Italian people first word is CEO song mio fratello atrophy I'm asking my brother has 3 sounds since in Italian when you use the plural form even if you if you have sons and daughters you will always use the male form like ve in the plural form so you have to specify you have to say if they're male or females that's why I said Feeny masky male sons philia daughter cuanto la comida natori a visceral un altro philia believe oh no sir Ella I wish my parents had another daughter because I want an a sister as I said before you just use the female form of video which is figlia no no grandfather Amelie podium on oppa sorry Laura tempo : no no my nephew's love to spend their time with their grandfather Padre father Padre it's more formal word forum Papa Papa is more like teddy dead so no Padre and project is too mechanical my father is a machine designer Madre mother this one is formal too so usually when you call your mother you wouldn't say Madre you will say mama let my brain generates uno Pisa very con leafy if a mini usually mothers are more strict with daughters don't you think so next word is Oh finito BMO finito no more family for today so ciao Familia and you show