Tutorial Transcript

ciao welcome to Italian weekly words this is ilaria and today's theme is in an airplane Valerio are you airplane quando scenario Dorma total tempo when I'm on an airplane I sleep the whole time really I just get on the plane and fell asleep and bye bye good night prema class first class no no maybe a job to him prema class say I never traveled in first class class economica economy class we also use actually the English expression for the just economy we say I travel in economy we are job in economy he said you lean in lacrosse economical sono molto straight team seats in the economy class are too small you don't have any space next one hmm Chintu ready secret sir seat belt the literal translation would be security belt in Italian actually if I mean in general Nando you know my a lateral etch into ready cigarettes usually kids don't want to fasten their seat belts balota pilot if you loaded a Ieyasu Nicosia frusciante airplanes pilots are so charming do you think so it was the the last word for today I hope you enjoyed today's episode and see you next time ciao let me give you you