Tutorial Transcript

Hello yuhuu yayy Italian yayy it’s me Mario. Ciao welcome to Italian weekly words. This is Ilaria and today’s theme is post office. First word: ufficio postale, post office Ufficio postale which means post office. Ieri sono andata all'ufficio postale. Yesterday, I went to the post office. (00:30)[*] I go to the post office to buy stamps. busta, envelope Be careful because the word busta has two meanings. One is the envelope you use for letters. The other meaning is the bag you use for buying things. So the plastic bag, a paper bag, any bag is busta. Ho bisogno di una busta grande per spedire una lettera. I need a big envelope to send a letter. Next word is: buca per le lettere, mail box Buca per le lettere which is the mailbox. Buca buca buca... Some people also call it casseta per le lettere. Le buche per le lettere in Italia sono rosse. Mailboxes in Italy are red. You can see here and there in the city if you need a mailbox you want to send a postcard or anything, you will have to look for red boxes. raccomandata, certified mail Raccomandata is certified mail. Devo spedire questa raccomandata al più presto! I have to send this certified mail as soon as possible. indirizzo address Gli indirizzi italiani sono molto lunghi! Italian addresses are very long. Finito it’s the end. We are done for today. I hope you enjoyed and please send me a lot of letters, postcard and whatever. Bye bye ciao!