Tutorial Transcript

ciao tutti welcome to Italian weekly words this is ilaria and today's theme is clothes my own a sweater my own a birthday for you my own appear in Moraga so an Italian next Christmas I would like to need a sweater for my boyfriend Caputo coat Caputo again is a word for winter coat it's the when you hear the word capital will be something very thick and very warm Italia un caputo di Bona Cali tapestry molto cousteau so in Italy a good quality coat can be very expensive my yekta t-shirt or shirt in italia can also just mean shirt in general again it's a very ambiguous word but let's use it today yes t-shirt in started come your friend Maya tell Giorno please give up molto canto in summer I change three shirts in one day because it's too hot pantalones pants previous going oh sorry Pantalone ii engage a kilaguni I prefer to wear pants over skirts Monica quarter which is short-sleeved a Monica quarter short-sleeved indoor so sempre unnimaya to Monica court so to me st t the cast of a chapo condo I always wear a short-sleeved shirt under my clothes just in case it gets too hot and abbiamo finito / OG we're done for today see you next time bye bye ciao Barker