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wanna speak real Italian from your first lesson sign up for your free lifetime account at Italian pod 101.com shall welcome to Italian weekly words sono in area this is ilaria and today's theme is school supplies cuaderno notebook in Italy there are of course different types of cuaderno there is the the one for mathematics the one for Italian when you buy it you see if you only have stripes that's for writing Italian for a grandma for letting anything related to humanistic stuff the one when you have squares inside of courses for calculation geometrics anything which is scientific so this is the basic types of notebooks humanities and scientific notebooks in Miyako there not a more to this or Donato my notebook is very messy this one Dino backpack in museo de la scala superiore a rice tremor main Tepes aunty my backpack at high school was extremely heavy I remember each book was maybe textbook was this thick probably so heavy like 5 kilos I don't remember oh don't tell me when we were bringing the Latin dictionary Latin dictionary something like this take this big oh my god we get long ruler they were make them not so sorry been here again long I have to mean it I cannot really use a ruler I don't know it moves please tell me how to use a ruler I don't know go Muppet Cancellara eraser or just gamma gamma actually means gum but we don't actually use gamma per Cancellara the whole expression that much when you're a school when you talk with your classmate and you just say pass me the t eraser pass Amina Goma double Minami tha about toy youths are a legume a pear Cancellara when I was a kid I liked to cut in very small pieces the razors I don't know why it's very nice sensation very nice feeling when you kite cut through the eraser have you ever tried it try it for beachy scissors attends unit be careful for BG it's is always pure and it's female lay for PG many people say laughs for BJ using the singular form but that's incorrect actually so please always use the plural left for BG because there are two blades that's why is plural okay space so sorry for me she purty irrelevant dora often i use scissors to cut vegetables yes believe me they are so nice like very fast you got all the leaves try try it and let me know we're done a BMO finito I hope you enjoyed today's episode and see you next week alla prossima settimana ciao coderre nokotta nokotta you know i'll connect on let me lock up for be chilly for be chilly for between