Tutorial Transcript

ciao Oh welcome to Italian weekly words this is ilaria and today's theme is clothing accessories chink Torah belt this is interesting yo no no so my Latin tutor I never use a belt really I think I'm I usually know my life maybe three times don't like belts sharp ax scarf me actually sharp a mortal hoon I like very long scarves oh one toe clove I have gone to but wait a second we don't usually say quanto we usually say grunty the plural because they're always too right usually so it's very rare it's not of course it's not incorrect but we usually say one T cloves Christie so no Mei Guan T these are my gloves we pho know do you like them I don't really like them Capello hat passe go multi-cap le I have many hats Oh Callie eyeglasses very nice and love this item Norman Maine Ted Porto Ucayali usually I use eyeglasses these are actually my my glasses these are my everyday glasses now I'm wearing contact lenses actually I hope you enjoyed and let me know in the comments which is your favorite accessory ciao you