Tutorial Transcript

Hi welcome to Italian weekly words, this is Ilaria. Today’s theme is buildings and the first building is... appartamento, apartment. Vivo in un appartamento al settimo piano. I live in an apartment on the 7th floor. Next one. casa, house. Ogni mattina esco di casa alle sette. Every morning, I leave my house at 7. dormitorio, dormitory. In Italia i dormitori non sono molto comuni. In Italy, dormitories are not really common. We don’t really have dormitories for college because Italian universities are very old, the buildings are really ancient buildings. So you cannot be at dormitories for the university usually. Only very new universities might have some dormitory. torre, tower. Nelle campagne italiane si vedono molte torri medievali. In Italian countryside, you can see many medieval towers. That’s true, if you go to a road trip in Italy with your car, you can see most of the times there are like broken towers. It’s very interesting. Next one is... grattacielo, skyscraper. cielo is sky, the sky gratta it comes from the verb grattare which means this thing. So to scrape. In Italia non abbiamo molti grattacieli. In Italy, we don’t have many skyscrapers. Yeah in Italy, we don’t have many skyscrapers because Italian cities are very old and we like to preserve the urban landscape as it was in ancient times. So we cannot build many skyscrapers. There is no space at all actually. We are done, huh! Okay. Abbiamo finito per oggi. We are done for today, see you next time and Ciao! towers.