Tutorial Transcript

Welcome to Italian weekly words. I am Ilaria and let’s go to the theme. In ufficio. At the office. Let’s go to the first word. First word is: capo, boss. Il mio capo è una brava persona. My boss is a very good person. Do you like your boss? collega, Co-worker. Dopo il lavoro vado a bere con i miei colleghi. After work, I go to have a drink with my co-workers. By the way, we don’t actually do this in Italy now that I think about it. It’s not very common. After work, people, they just want to go home. To the next word, it’s: riunione, meeting. Dopo pranzo ho una riunione. After lunch, I have a meeting. Oh my god, I just want to sleep. scrivania, desk. La mia scrivania è molto disordinata. My desk is very untidy, I don’t like tidy desks, chaos. What about your desk? Next word, ufficio, office. Vado in ufficio ogni giorno alle 8 del mattino. I go to the office every day at 8 in the morning. And what time do you go to the office? I actually don’t like to go that early though. Oh it’s the end already. Well that was so fast. See you next week and let me know what you think about your office life. Bye bye.