Tutorial Transcript

Ciao tutti! Hello everyone. Welcome to Italian weekly words. This is Ilaria. Let’s go to the today’s theme. Flavors I Sapori. Flavors. Which flavor today? salato salty Salato hmmm... La pasta di oggi era po' salata. Today’s pasta was a little bit too salty. amaro bitter Mi piace la cioccolata amara. I like bitter chocolate, which one do you like. Next one, aspro sour I bambini non amano il gusto aspro. Children don’t love sour taste. Usually, some of them like them naturally. dolce sweet Forse il dolce è il gusto preferito dalle donne. Probably sweet is woman’s most favorite flavor and this is mine. Next one, I know I love this one too. I forgot about this piccante spicy Yeah we Italians, we love spicy foods especially in the South of Italy and I am from the south. So I love spicy food. Let’s see piccante... La cucina del Sud Italia è piccante. Southern Italy cuisine is spicy, did you know that? Oh end, we are done for today. Write down your favorite flavor salato,dolce,amaro,aspro... Let me know in the comments in Italian. See you next time, bye bye.