Tutorial Transcript

Hi, welcome to Italian weekly words, this is Ilaria. Let’s see what today’s theme is. Clothing Actions! The first word is abbinare, match. Mi piace abbinare il viola con il blu. “I like to match purple with blue.” Next word is… cucire, to sew Io non so cucire. “I cannot sew.” Next word is… indossare, to wear or to put on. Indosso i jeans ogni giorno. “I wear Jeans every day.” Next word. lavare i vestiti, to wash clothes. Spesso lavo i vestiti a mano. “Often I hand wash my clothes.” Next one is provare, to try on. Non mi piace provare i vestiti. “I don’t like to try on clothes.” Why? Because it’s boring, it’s a waste of time. I just want to buy them and bye bye. Next one, oh end. We are done for today and I hope you enjoyed and I will be waiting for your comments in the comments section and see you next time, bye bye.