Tutorial Transcript

At the end of September I decided to take a tour in Molise, precisely to return to Agnone. If you've been following me for some time, you know that I teach a summer program that takes place there every year. I recorded vlogs every time I went there, so you can go and watch them if you are curious to know what I do in Agnone in the summer! Let's get back to us, this year it was strange to be there without students! - We didn't say where we're going! - We're going to Agnone. Exactly one year after we went there and where Lucrezia and I met. We are returning for pleasure, actually, because there is no program this year, for obvious reasons. Above all, we hope that the weather in Agnone will be more stable, more balanced. Was it cold at this time last year? Yes, it was very cold. I remember that I didn't bring the right clothes and I died of cold, really. Luckily I was loaned a winter jacket from Agnone Calcio. True! A lady had given you the jacket of her nephew, I think, who was the captain of Agnone's football team. And so I went around Agnone with this jacket and everyone looked at me strange because they thought I was the coach or a new player of Agnone that they had never seen before. It was fun, I felt eyes on me a lot! Here we are! We want to stop - I'm looking for a parking space, because - that there isn't - Ah no, oh well, I'm going there. Because we want to stop at the Autogrill for our and your joy! Because I know you love Autogrill! You wrote it to me in the comments on the video from Rome to Sorrento. So now let's go for breakfast, a little late, because it's 12:30. But it always suits us. When peckish calls ... Lucrezia and Luca answer! Look at the bombs! - Sweet or salty? Sweet? - Sweet! Sweet! I want a croissant. - Uh the croissant with Nutella! Eh I think they are the only ones left. Good morning! So, a macchiato, a cappuccino, a donut, a Nutella croissant. - Can a bottle of water be useful along the journey to take away for 1 euro? - We have water, thanks. - I do. - Sure? - Yes, yes. - 7.10 euros. - Do you eat them immediately? - Yes, we eat them right away, thanks. This is the biggest cappuccino I have ever seen! Enjoy your breakfast! This is a lunch, Nutella croissant and cappuccino wizard. - It won't be a problem for me! - No, in fact. Do you want sugar? - No thanks. I take brown sugar. So, I had a macchiato, as always. I always have a macchiato. Good to know! So, over there are the bathrooms and the restaurant, but now we will go towards the exit. Then those Autogrill are also beautiful that are like bridges over the motorway. You would buy everything here, it is beautiful to walk in the middle of candy. Of course, here they are, here they are! The prices are a bit higher, because I pay 2.99 euros for these at the supermarket. And here's my favorite part. Dry porcini mushrooms. There are so many special things. This is for making pasta and beans. The inevitable part of the books, my favorite. And if you have forgotten - I don't know - the toothbrush, there are toothbrushes, toothpastes. Ah it says Agnone! But he tells me ... (continue on SS 430 for 2km), ah yes .. Very well. How beautiful! What is he doing there? - We got off the highway. And now ... - An hour for Agnone? - No, more in my opinion. - Oh no, an hour and 17. I'd say an hour and a half. - At the speed of Lucrezia. - Yes, I'm a very conscientious driver. - You do well. We are about to enter the gallery. There are so many tunnels because we are crossing the Apennines. We are cutting it, because we are crossing central Italy from one side to the other. Feel what peace! If there was no noise from my car. We have arrived! - Parked. - How many hours ... Is it? 3:45. So it took us ... - How about 3:45 am? - No, your watch is bad, huh. It is 3:27. - I got confused with the second hands. - And so it took us 4 hours. - But we took it easy, without too much haste. - If we don't talk, there is silence. Except this car that's about to pass. We arrived and it is deserted, there really is no one on the street. A Friday in late September is truly almost spooky. - Okay, let's get out of the car? - There is. - Anyway it's cool. - It's cool, but not too cool. But in my opinion now the sun comes and goes, you know? Well, now let's get a fix and then we'll update. We didn't update then, because I left the camera at home! But anyway we took a few strolls downtown, met some acquaintances, had a good chat with Jenifer, the program organizer, and then we went to dinner. The following day we explored the surroundings a bit, we went to Venafro, which is about an hour's drive from Agnone. We took a tour accompanied by Nunzia, a fantastic guide, also because she is a local, so she knows the place perfectly. I discovered many interesting things about this place, such as the fact that in this red palace King Vittorio Emanuele II stayed for two nights, on 24 and 25 October 1860, before meeting Garibaldi in Teano on 26 October, an event that later concluded the expedition of the Thousand and subsequently led to the unification of Italy in 1861. The visit then continued to the Regional Park of Olivo, at the foot of the Mainarde mountain range. These olive trees are millenary, they will be more than 800, 900 years old, others even more. Show how small I am compared to the trunk! Inside the park there is a part reserved for the patriarch olive trees, where the twins of the oldest and most significant monumental olive trees of every region of Italy are preserved. The goal is to preserve the genetic makeup that has been able to withstand climatic and parasitic adversities for centuries. These past olive trees guarantee the future of the plants themselves. This park has enormous botanical and historical importance. This is the decumano maximo, the ancient Roman road, perpendicular to the cardo, is the typical layout of the cities of Roman foundation. And there is the historic center of Venafro in the background. Well, now let's go eat. Because I'm hungry, I'm thirsty. I need to refresh myself. - But it was a very beautiful morning, very rich. I honestly did not expect to find so much in this country. Instead it was a surprise. I really liked the strong sense of community that exists among the inhabitants of this country. The girl who is accompanying us on this tour, her name is Nunzia, she is from here and she told us about all the traditions, the holidays. There is a very strong sense of belonging. That perhaps one in the city has less. Maybe more a neighborhood talk, but it's nice to be in these realities so cohesive. I don't know if you've ever noticed, here in Italy it is very common, especially in the villages, in small towns, the custom of putting up these posters when someone dies. It has remained a very local thing. So for example in Rome, in Milan, these posters. But in the villages it is a very lively custom. And the opposite also happens, that is, when a baby is born, a bow is put on the house to announce the happy event. Let's do some tastings. We are very happy. After lunch, we moved to the Pandone Castle, a national museum that houses artistic works of Molise. Another thing to think about, which is very special - Please, please! When you hear a car honking its horn, you don't need to be frightened because that person probably wants to greet a friend he saw on the street. In short, customs. It's nice for. Not in Rome! In Rome if they use the horn it is probably because they want to send you to that country. Instead in the villages it is a form of greeting from afar. Maybe Jenifer is waiting for us, we have to go! Then in the late afternoon we returned to Agnone. The next morning we decided to take a walk around the city, we couldn't do anything special because the weather wasn't on our side. We are taking a walk this morning around Agnone. Yesterday we went to Venafro. Today instead we stay in Agnone because in any case we leave again in the afternoon, we go back to Rome. And now we are doing this walk around the village, a walk of 50 minutes more or less. Then, from what I understand, after the walk, we have a coffee, then we go to the supermarket. Is this the south entrance? Of the country? We finished the walk and went back to the village. It didn't actually last 50 minutes, it took us half an hour. After lunch we set off for Rome. - We're leaving! We departed. We are returning to Rome. - Alas. - Yes, departure is always a bit sad, isn't it? - To leave is to die a bit, say the wise men. But it is true. - Good evening, full, please. - Full? - Yes. - Shall I wear the special one? - No, the normal one is fine. - Normal is fine. - Already costs like gold. - What does that special mean, by the way. Thanks good evening. We stopped at the motorway restaurant again. And here is the tobacconist. Not all roadside restaurants have tobacco. Here it was specified with the classic tobacco sign. I still have the navigator on. That's it for today, thank you so much for watching this vlog. I hope you liked it! There are more to look at if you like! See you soon bye!