Tutorial Transcript

Ciao tutti! Welcome to Italian weekly words, this is Ilaria and today’s theme is uh.. “At the Aquarium” [All'Acquario] Scary one... [squalo] - “shark” [Gli squali sono molto rari nei mari italiani.] “Sharks are very rare in Italian sea”. It’s not common to... you know, to spot a Shark when you are at the beach in Italy and .. people just go even very far from the shore, they just swim without thinking about sharks at all. What is this? What is this? It’s [granchio] - “crab”. [Due settimane fa sono stata pizzicata da un granchio.] “Two weeks ago, I’ve been pinched by a crab.” Uh! It hurts so much. Oh my god! Uh! [polpo] - “octopus”. Some people also say [polipo]. [Polpo] or [polipo]. [A volte in Italia, puoi pescare i polpi anche a mani nude.] “Sometimes in Italy, you can catch Octopus even with just your bare hands”. Yeah sometimes they just swim in shallow waters. You just go deep and just grab them and they are of course small one. They are very cute, so nice. Next one, nice one [calamaro] - “squid” [In Italia c'è un tipo di pasta che assomiglia agli anelli di calamaro.] “In Italy, we have a type of pasta that looks exactly like squid rings.” It is actually used to make a dish called [calamarata] which mixes this type of pasta and squid rings. So it’s very funny and very playful type of pasta. Try it out. [medusa] - “jellyfish”. [Medusa è anche il nome di un personaggio mitologico.] "The Italian word for Jellyfish [medusa] is also a mythological character." Snakes. Do you know the lady? It’s a Greek myth actually. The lady with snakes on the head, yeah that’s called [Medusa] actually which means "Jellyfish" because she looks like a Jellyfish. [Fine] There is no more animals for today. No more animals at the aquarium. So I hope you enjoyed today episode. Write down which is your favorite sea animal or aquarium animal and see you next time. Bye -bye!