Tutorial Transcript

Subtitles begin at 1:07 I love movies, I love movies a lot. Why do I love movies? Because sometimes producer, director (the director, not the producer, director) shows how he sees the world. Especially if the story is built by himself, he wrote it himself. When the film is based on a book, then it turns out not so good, because the script must to be built on the book, and you can not include everything to the film that was in the book. And the small details are not included in the film. And that's why the book is better than film. But when the director writes the script himself for the film, then it turns out very, very good. And why I also like movies, because the author transmits his emotion, transfers the way he sees the world. I'm talking about a good movie, not that which is made just to make money. I'm talking about the movie, which has an idea that has some thought. In particular, I love cartoons, I love cartoons because that they are made for a children and adults as well. And sometimes through the childish manner of giving information, very deep, very direct specific thoughts are passed. Also why, I think I love cartoons, this is because the actingin cartoons is always the best, because there the computer can clearly show every emotion. While, in the films it depends a lot on the actors. More why I like cartoons, is because the authors of the cartoons do not take everything seriously. What is happening in the cartoon doesn't have to be true. For example, talking animals, for example ... well, other times, which may happen in reality. And so much is allowed for cartoons, and therefore and a lot can be shownthrough a cartoon. My favorite cartoon is Sing, in Russian it will be Zveropoy. I watched it a week ago, probably two weeks ago, and I liked it very much, because there the story of every character is shown well. and how the hero overcomes their obstacles, I even cried at one moment, at the moment with Johnny. My favorite movie is About Time, in Russian called My Boyfriend from the Future, I think, I do not remember exactly. Why do I like it? Because this film is about family. The relationship of father and son in the film are very close to how my father and I relate to each other. That is, the interaction of the actors are very similar to me and my father's interaction. Also an idea was very interesting about to live every day like you have lived it already. Very good movie, I advise everyone to see it, it It called About Time, or the My Boyfriend from the Future. I also wanted to shoot movies myself, short movies, but I changed my mind. I now have other things to do, but my girlfriend Victoria she wants to be a director, and she might in the future make short movies, and I will share them with you. Thank you! Speaking English until the end.