Tutorial Transcript

Subtitles start on 1:48 I worked for an entire month and I called people to offer them a product I was selling a software for accountants I liked that job It is pretty interesting because I have learned how to convince people and to describe the product in the most interensting way I had to find different ways of how to sell any product because every person is unique and they need an individual approach I and tried to find the best approach to each of my customers, to each of my potential customers But I also have learned I got used to the daily job routine it is how 90% of people live, they wake up in the morning go to job in the evening they come back from the job and go to sleep I understood how hard it is to tolerate that routine and how difficult, in actuality, it is to wake up every day and go to work later to come back do something for 2 hours and then go to sleep It is very very hard There's not enough of free time that's why I am happy I learned, I understood how I understood how people feel, who work from 9 to 6 Also I learned to value my time I no longer can do nothing when I do have free time. I tried to do something that it truly important For example, make videos For example, spend time with friends, with my girlfriend, my family So I have learned to respect myself and my free time I don't know I'd want to continue coming to that job, but I am sure that this month of good experience will help me in the future.