Tutorial Transcript

Speaking English until 1:25 I love music. Music is my hobby since I was 14. I started playing the guitar. This is a guitar I started playing when I was 14, 13 years old. I love guitar a lot. I like the guitar because I can make my own music on the guitar. I also play on the electric guitar. This is an electric guitar. I really like the sound of the electric guitar. I love a lot of rock songs, rock musicians, rock bands. And a lot of them have the sound of an electric guitar, that's why I really love to play the electric guitar. I also play piano. this is a piano. I just started learing how to play piano, and that's why I play badly. I bought this piano last year, And I play very rarely, that's why my progress is not that high. But I also love piano a lot, because I love the sound of classical music. I believe that the piano is a base of all the music, And if I learn how to play piano, then to play music will be much, much easier I will play on the guitar, and the electric guitar better if I learn how to play the piano. What else can I say I really like to listen to music, I really like metal-rock, hard-rock, Bands like Alter Bridge, Avenged Sevenfold What other bands? Shinedown And I think that's it. Oh! Metallica. Of course Metallica, how could I forget about Metallica. Alter Bridge, Avenged Sevenfold, and Metallica. These are my favorite bands. I play a lot of songs of these bands on a guitar, And an interesting story. A guitar Helped me get a heart of my girlfriend, a heart of my girlfriend We started to play the guitar, and I started to teach her And that's how we started meeting each other in the beginning of our relationships. And now she is my girlfriend. So I am really thankful for music and the guitars. Speaking English until the end.