Tutorial Transcript

Subtitles start at 1:00 I I study in America. You already know it for sure. I study in America, in Hampton, State Virginia. And for me to get to Hampton, I need to take a flight from Novosibirsk to Moscow and to New York. And from New York I have to take the bus to Hampton. I flew to New York, everything is good, everything is excellent. And there I needed to find a bus station. I arrived by the subway to the station. I went out, and I see nothing around. There is no station. There is only ordinary an street, on which there are cars, there are shops around, restaurants, cafes,etc., but I I do not see the bus station. Usually in Russia we as It is happening. When there are buses from city to city, intercity buses, then we have a huge station, where there are many buses, many people standing there, waiting for buses. the there we have great place to buses. When I came to america, I expected same. I did not see it, I panicked, I began to look for the station, I had a huge bag behind and my suitcase broken, retractable handle did not work and therefore I had to carry the suitcase in my hand. Suitcase in a hand, a huge bag on my back and also a laptop with me. And with all of that I am walking around New York looking for my station. I did not have Internet I had a very bad phone, I did not have an American Sim-card, I can not call anyone, and I had to call my parents in Russia. It was very expensive. They charged me a lot of money. I called them, and they told me where to go. They found the bus station I went there on foot, with big bags behind my shoulders. I walked for a mile, about a kilometer and a half I walked with bags. I got to the station. and I ask "Where's my bus?" They took my ticket. "Your station oooover there." And show me the place where I I came from. I did not know what to do. I was there, there is no bus. I came to them they tell me to go back. I went back, and saw There was the bus. In that address, that I i had on the ticket, there was bus. That is the bus just came to the street, He stopped on the street, opened the door, I went in and we left. I did not know, in America some bus company just pick you up from the street, without any bus station. And I all nervous, tired, with a huge load on my shoulders, walking back and forth back and forth, and finally found my bus and I went to Hampton