Tutorial Transcript

Hi friends! Finally, this day has come! I've received the Silver Button from YouTube. I have a knife. Now let's open it. Actually, I had a lot of problems with this button. Slovak customs didn't want to let it in. because it's from the US. But eventually, everything was right, and they brought it right to my place. How difficult it is! Well, what is the silver button? Actually, it's called "Youtube silver award" It's this little tablet, that is given to a channel when it grows up to 100,000 subscribers. It was long ago. And only now... Look, this is my lamp. ... Only now it has finally reached me (in Slovakia) through the thickets of the customs. Here's a letter from YouTube. With congratulations and so on. What do I want to say? Thank you very much, my friends, for being with me, for staying with me. I am so happy to be working for you. And I hope that we'll continue making interesting and useful Russian language lessons on my channel. Huge thanks to you; see you next time! Bye-bye!