Tutorial Transcript

Hello everyone! Today we're having a little bit unusual video because I'm not alone here here is beautiful Anastasia Semina amazing and professional teacher of the Russian language as a foreign language She teaches it in school... Right? I also do individual lessons and I teach on Skype But I also have a YouTube channel to see the link Yes! Check out the description box of this video to Anastasia's channel, she has amazing videos and also... we're at her place now and she has an amazing collection of Russian language textbooks and she's ready to share her opinion about these books but we're going to speak in Russian so right now you should go to the settings and turn on English subtitles if you don't understand us So, now... Ok, well... First I want to tell you about a textbook titled "Tochka.ru" It's a new textbook, and I like it because it's very bright Look, here are many colourful pictures and illustrations Also I like that this book is well structured When a student opens a lesson... For example, lesson 2.3 he knows what grammar he's studying now for example, in this lesson he learns the verbs that demand accusative case Verb plus the accusative case of nouns also they use vocabulary about hobbies and each lesson is like that both teacher and student know what they're studying this textbook also includes a workbook which contains very many exercises for each topic from the textbook So the lesson in the textbook and in the workbook, they... I'll say it in a different way Each lesson in the workbook corresponds with a lesson in the textbook so a student, after completing some topic can consolidate knowledge properly And where can foreigners buy this textbook? Foreigners can buy this book on the website we'll write it here the authors of this book live in Switzerland but as far as I know they can ship textbooks from Moscow And to Europe from Switzerland it will be faster and easier And cheaper Another textbook I want to tell about... It doesn't look that neat already because I've been using it a lot, and many of my students used it with me we work with those who just start oh, by the way, about that book The textbook "Tochka.ru" is also for those who have level A1 and just start learning from the alphabet, from the very basics those who learn the language from scratch. From zero The "Russian souvenir" textbook is also for those who starts learning from scratch total beginners And if you compare these two textbook, this one has a "slower pace" The pacing is slower, but it doesn't mean that there's no enough material it's just more comfortable for those who want to learn with smaller portions of information Now I'll show how the textbook looks Show yourself there It's in the next one, part 2 for example, here is a topic Health again it's obvious what vocabulary a student learns, there's a rubric "New vocabulary" some grammar constructions and some very... and useful phrases and constructions for conversations for example "How to show that you're in pain" or "How to call a taxi" or "How to call to a restaurant and book a table" so, some important constructions for the beginning level, to survive in the Russian speaking country Just like the "Tochka.ru", the "Russian souvenir" is very colourful very many illustrations very nice to touch, like some magazine Yes, the quality is great This book also has a workbook, and both textbooks also have a very good audio material Also I use this old textbook "Jili-byli" it's black and white, not like the modern textbooks but I like that in the very beginning student learn to read and students can do it even without a tutor So there are no Latin letters, right? No, there's absolutely nothing, not a single word in English From the very beginning there are letters vowels, consonants syllables and some short words simple of course: mama, papa, we and so on And the audio material for this book is complete, so a student can learn by himself and just to repeat. listen and repeat, listen and repeat In this textbook the structure is on the more difficult level on more difficult lessons... It's not... not that well organised, I think that's why now I prefer these textbooks But for the first lessons I like how here they teach students to read This textbook also includes a workbook and the audio For beginners I like to use the book "Little casket" In this book there is a collection... This book is a collection of tales Here are some stories that are short and written in the easy Russian language let's open this tale for example "What's their profession" These short texts And here they give different words with English translations After each text they have exercises to check yourself and practice the new material And what I like most, these texts are grouped by level, and also by cases The first one... First 8-10 texts are for the nominative case then prepositional case, accusative case and so on And further we go, the texts become more difficult So these were the books for the beginners it's approximately levels A1-A2 And in the next video we'll talk about... something more difficult Yes, something like B1 Yes, so don't miss the part 2 of this video Bye-bye for now! Bye!