Tutorial Transcript

hello everyone! Daria here and today we're going to talk about how to improve your Russian pronunciation. You know that in language schools and in colleges and with teachers you always have that "repeat after me" section but thousands of people learn the Russian language by themselves, so they don't have anyone to practice with, and today I'm going to help you! So why don't you organize this whole "repeat after me" section yourself today you have everything you need available online: it can be a movie, better to be a Russian movie because articulation is important too, so all those dubs, leave them alone and use some authentic Russian material or maybe it can be an interview with some Russian celebrity, but movies work much better because you see the context there there is some real situation so it's easier for you to follow and also movies have subtitles I mean Russian subtitles. With interviews automatic YouTube subtitles, they are far from being perfect so let's work with movies today. What I want you to do is pick a short dialogue, short scene from any Russian movie and just like in the language class you pause after each sentence and you repeat. You repeat and try to copy the intonation, the emotion try to copy it 100% if you don't understand what they say first read the subs and then translate, then watch it again and then many many times repeat until you copy them perfectly so let me show you the example. We're gonna work with the movie Moscow does not believe in tears just like this Оооо какие люди, и без охраны! Не расстраивайся ты, Катерина! А я не расстраиваюсь! Два балла, надо же, два балла, а? Два балла, надо же, два балла, а? You her that conversational manner there? Я все равно поступлю. А кто спорит? So, like that. You hear? All those intonations. It's very important to learn how to copy them, I don't offer you to watch the entire movie like that, of course not. Just a short scene and you work with it because it's an exercise, it's not watching the movie it's the intonation and repetition exercise that will help you to improve your pronunciation. Another important thing you should pay your attention to, is that the character you choose should be someone that you can associate yourself with. I mean that for example if you are some middle-aged man you certainly don't want to repeat intonations after some teenaged high school girl so you know what I mean you should choose some movie that has some character that is like you in some way. And that was it for today, below this video I will leave a couple of links to the Russian movies with subs so you can find something to practice with. And I hope you enjoyed, if you did, don't forget to put like there, so I know that you enjoy these Russian language learning tips. And thank you very much for watching I hope to see you in my next video. Bye bye!