Tutorial Transcript

hello everyone! today we're going to talk about the Russian alphabet and about the three steps to learn it deeply and for a long time. ok, here we go! number one: surround yourself with the alphabet. It's not going to work if you spend just a couple minutes per day learning it. The more often you see russian letters, the faster you'll remember them. Here are my suggestions: first, use post-it notes. On each note write the letter and a couple of words with it. Some easy words! For example, M-mama, P-papa. Something like that. And put them everywhere around you. Every time you have a look at the note - say the letter out loud. Read the word and don't write translation there. You don't need translation. Then print the whole alphabet on A4 and carry it with you everywhere. I'll put the link to PDF into the description box of this video. So go and have a look. And download it, and print it! After that every time you're having lunch or you're waiting for a bus, or... I don't know, having a minute to spare - take this sheet of paper and look at it. Then download apps on your phone. There are dozens and dozens of apps for learning the Russian alphabet. Some of them are for foreigners, some of them are for Russian kids, because they need to learn the alphabet, too. So, go on, check them and decide what suits you better. And from now on, instead of playing games or reading news, or listening to music and doing nothing, practice the alphabet! Every minute you have to spare. Ok, step number two. Write by hand. According to scientific research, when we write something by hand, we activate so called RAS (reticular activating system) in our brain. It helps to remember information deeper. So make sure you spend a few days writing the Russian alphabet by hand. Start from the first letter A and go to the last one Я. Then go backwards. Then maybe try to write only vowels or only consonants. It's up to you. And keep doing it as long as you need to feel comfortable with all the 33 characters. Write them by hand. Then number three. Practice with words. It's absolutely not enough to recognize the isolated characters. You need to learn how to combine them into words as soon as you can. Start writing the words. At the beginning it seems that you don't know any of the Russian vocabulary. But it's not true. Trust me, there are hundreds of foreign words that Russian adopted. You can start with sports (basketball, hockey, polo) and go on with dishes (pasta, pizza, hotdog, hamburger). You see what I mean. You know those words. You can go to my website realrussianclub.com and get there my ebook for free "How to learn vocabulary deeply" and there I give a list of those words. I call them "international words", the words that beginners can use. So go and have a look please. I'll put the link below. Anyway, if you're still not feeling comfortable in guessing how to spell words, try names! what's the problem? It's a great way of learning. You don't need to know the particular language to spell the names. They sound mostly the same in all the languages. Start with your family and friends. John, Jane, Emily, Bob. Write them in Russian. Just as you hear them. You don't have to care about spelling it correctly. Remember that your goal here is to remember the characters of the Russian alphabet, not writing without mistakes. So don't be shy, don't be afraid to write words. If your family is rather small, no problem. Use movie characters. If you're... I don't know... Game of Thrones fan, make the Arya's list. One by one. And maybe you're a Disney fan. Perfect! Try to remember all the characters from Aladdin. Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Abu... Who else was there? Jafar. Anyway, I hope you know what i mean here. Use any names you can remember. It will help. So these were the three steps to learn the Russian alphabet deeply and quickly. Surround yourself with the alphabet, write by hand, and practice with words. Keep practicing and you'll know the alphabet in no time, I promise you. If you want to learn more about the Russian alphabet, you can go on and check out my blog post about it it's on my website again: realRussianclub.com/blog. I'll put all the links in the description box of this video. So don't forget to go and have a look. And please subscribe to my channel and stay with me for more tips on learning the Russian language and for speaking and listening lessons. Hope to see you in my next video! bye bye!