Tutorial Transcript

Hi, guys! Ciao ragazzi! Sono Desiree. “I’m Desiree.” And today, we’re going to see together 10 New Year’s Resolutions. In Italy, you can do that when the New Year is starting so January or September because everything starts again in September. A lot of activities have a break on August. bere di meno “drink less” Okay, I think that this is something that everyone thinks after a New Year’s party, but still, it’s a good resolution because we all know that it’s not good for health. dimagrire “lose weight” Okay, this is my resolution for every week of the year. So maybe instead of saying, “In this year, I’m gonna lose weight.”, it’s better to have like shorter goals, maybe a month or two and then, yeah, of course, at the end of the year, you will see results. fare ginnastica regolarmente “exercise regularly” That is something that helps you to lose weight and what I did with a friend of mine was 3 years ago… basically we started 3 years ago and we were like, okay, this year for sure, we’re going to run three times a week. It took us 3 years, but now, we run like twice or three times a week. I remembered that in the beginning, our goal was 5 kilometers and nowadays, we run at minimum, 5 kilometers. imparare qualcosa di nuovo “learn something new” Why not a new language? Italian for example. Yeah, maybe it wouldn’t take you a year, but still, you can start. leggere di più “read more” Everyone buys a lot of books and then they put it on the closet or, I don’t know, on the desks and they become new piece of furniture, like, always tall. So for this reason, I’m reading e-books now. It’s kind of sad, but at least if I don’t read them, I don’t feel so bad and yeah, it’s actually useful. mangiare sano “eat healthy” I don’t know in which place, in which country you’re living and how is Christmas and New Year celebrated, but in Italy, we eat a lot, like a lot for real. So after Christmas break and New Year’s celebration, yeah, we need to eat healthy, at least for the next 2 months, just to recover. Everything is so heavy. risparmiare “save money” This is hard actually, risparmiare “save money”, but still, it can help you if you keep it like maybe written down like what you spend and what you got. At the end of a year, do like a summary and keep it for the next year so you can compare and see if you really saved money. smettere di fumare “quit smoking” I don’t have any experience in that because I don’t smoke, but still, it’s something great that you should try doing also because it helps you to save money. If you want to quit doing something, you just say smettere di and something that you don’t want to do anymore. Smettere di mangiare cioccolato. "Quit eating chocolate." Smettere di lamentarmi. "Quit complaining." trascorrere più tempo con la famiglia “spend more time with family” That’s great and that’s something that you would do actually with Christmas break or summer one, but sometimes, maybe just calling some of your relatives, if you can’t actually meet them, just give them a call, it still makes you spend time with them. studiare italiano con ItalianPod101.com “studying Italian with ItalianPod101.com” Yeah, that’s something new that you can do, learn a new language; for example, studying, I don’t know, what do you want to study? Maybe, with Italian you can start studying Spanish for example, so studiare spagnolo. That was it guys for 10 New Year’s Resolutions. I hope that you can achieve all your resolutions and tell me which one is yours too. So comment and remember to subscribe. Another resolution, subscribe. Ciao-ciao! “Bye-bye!” At anytime of the year, start studying Italian.