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Trying to learn Italian? Start speaking Italian from your very first lesson with fast easy audio and video lessons by real teachers. Sign up for your free lifetime account at ItalianPod101.com. Hi, guys! Ciao ragazzi! Sono Desiree. Today we're gonna see together 10 break up lines. I know it's a sad topic, but we're gonna do that, just in case. Just don't think that you really need that, but still, break up lines. Dobbiamo parlare. "We need to talk." This is always bad, not only for breaking up, it always can mean that something happened and we need to talk about that. But, yeah, it's not something happy, because otherwise I would say something like, Ah, vorrei parlare di... "I would like to talk about…” For example, vorrei parlare delle vacanze. “I would like to talk about vacation.” Or, vorrei parlarti. “I would like to talk to you." But dobbiamo parlare, “we need to talk,” is extremely extreme, means, prepare yourself. There is something wrong or I discovered something. So, yeah, be prepared when you hear dobbiamo parlare, “we need to talk.” Dovremmo iniziare a vedere altre persone. "We should start seeing other people." And that means each of you is gonna see another person, doesn't mean that you're gonna make new friends, nope, would be nice but doesn't mean that. Maybe it's not bad if you see someone else, I will not get angry, yeah, it’s kind of an indirect way; I wouldn't like that but probably it's just to start the discussion. So, yeah, I mean I don't judge you if you’re an open couple, but I wouldn't think that the discussion would start with this phrase. È la cosa migliore. "It's for the best." That sound hypocritical in my opinion, because if I'm saying that to my boyfriend that I want to break up with, it's the best thing for me, not you, of course, because if you want to keep this relationship, if you want to stay with someone and that someone tells you it's the best thing, it's for the best, of course you would answer, whose best? Because not mine, if I want to stay with you. È solo che non sono pronto per questo tipo di rapporto. "I'm just not ready for this kind of relationship." That sounds fake, in my opinion. But, yeah, you can take, if someone tells you that you can be hurt hard, because why do you think it's too serious? Or you just want to have fun? So, well, it's still better than being told that later on. Like, I wasn't prepared for this thing so I cheated on you, no, of course it's better to know that before, but still, it's not fun to break up any way, and I'm just not ready for this kind of relationship. È solo che non ti amo più. "I just don't love you anymore." That can't be helped, maybe people would be happier if you told them before and, like, listen, there is something, it's not going well, I'm not sure; but not out of the blue, I don't love you anymore. Oh, okay. It's not something that you can really answer to, it's just a fact and this probably really means you're breaking up without explanation or stuff. Like, no, but we can still do that, we can still manage somehow. If people tell you “I just don't love you anymore,” it means I don't even want to try. So, yeah, that's it, basically you're done. Ho bisogno di concentrarmi sulla mia carriera. "I need to focus on my career." Depending on people, they have different priorities, and you can still, maybe, say that you will not be an obstacle for that person's career. And maybe it's not that bad, they're just telling you, hey, I want to focus on my career, so if we still want to stay together you have to keep in mind that you're not my first priority. If for this reason, they are breaking up with you, it means they don't want to think about anything else, basically. So, yeah, once again, done! Io non sono alla tua altezza. "I'm not good enough for you." Okay, to this phrase, people can always answer, who are you to judge? I mean, I'm fine with you, why are you saying that you're not enough? Probably because you don't want to tell me that I am the problem and you just want to break up, so I wouldn't like that. Just explain to me, or just say to me, I don't like you because this, this, and this; but don't say to me “I’m not enough for you” because that would be up to me to decide. Non sei tu, sono io. "It's not you, it's me." You don't want to say that, that your partner is at fault, but you don't want to stay with him anymore. It's like saying, oh, you're perfect, so you can't even improve, there is nothing to do anymore. It's just not you, it's my problem, but I don't want to stay with you. Basically, that's the meaning. Penso che abbiamo bisogno di una pausa. "I think we need a break." Una pausa is “pause; break.” Maybe not talk to each other for some days, week. Yeah, the problem in these cases is that you don't really know how long is the “break.” So it's so ambiguous. Restiamo solo amici. "Let's just be friends." And yeah, so, if it's before being a couple, you can say, no, it's better if we're just friends; otherwise after being a couple with the breaking up, it’s restiamo amici. But in that case I would say there is no solo, because solo means “only.” So I would say that before being a couple, “let's just be friends;” and if it's after the breaking up, it's “let's be friends,” rimaniamo amici. And that can happen if you were friends even before being a couple. Rimaniamo solo amici. "Let's just be friends,” before being a couple. “Let's be friends,” rimaniamo amici, after being a couple. Yeah. This was the last of our 10 breakup lines. I hope you don't need them, but just in case, now you know them. So remember to subscribe. Bye bye, ciao ciao! See you soon!