Tutorial Transcript

Hi, guys! My name is Ilaria, nice to meet you! Welcome to the ItalianPod101.com. Today, we’re going to talk about a very interesting topic, something quite dear to me, the 10 ways to save the planet in Italian. So let’s start! riciclare “to recycle” Ognuno di noi dovrebbe riciclare il più possibile. “We all should recycle as much as we can.” Everything starts with the recycling process. It’s very important. This is just the first step in order to save the planet. fare volontariato “to volunteer” Facendo volontariato ho iniziato a ripulire il parco del mio quartiere. “I started volunteering to clean up my neighborhood park.” I have been myself doing this for example, you know, and it’s something really, really important. It’s really good. It makes you feel really good so if you’re thinking about doing something like this, just do it. You know, do not have any second thoughts, you know. You can do so many activities and it makes you feel really great so do it. Go for it. proteggere “to protect” Proteggiamo le nostre foreste! “Let's protect our forests!” Forests are the oxygen, the heart of the world, you know. So preserving the nature is very important in order to save the planet, to contribute in doing something good for the planet. riutilizzare “to reuse” Ho riutilizzato le bottiglie di vetro trasformandole in vasi per fiori. “I reused glass bottles by converting them into flowers pots.” And so basically, you can pretty much transform everything, you know. It actually can be transformed in something new and actually unique so this is very interesting. ridurre i rifiuti “to reduce trash” Ridurre i rifiuti è davvero urgente e importante. “Reducing trash is extremely urgent and important.” And you can actually transform things and recycle, you know, instead of throwing them away. It’s also like a chain. They’re all related together. curare l'ambiente “to care for the environment” Anche i bambini a scuola imparano come curare l'ambiente. “Children too learn how to care for the environment at school.” Children are actually the future. So if you teach them how to respect and get in contact with nature, you actually make sure that they will grow up very wise adults and they will be able to respect nature and it will be something very important for them, you know. usare prodotti eco-compatibili “to use eco-friendly products” Quando faccio la spesa scelgo di usare prodotti eco-compatibili. “When I go grocery shopping, I choose to use eco-friendly products.” You will be quite surprised by the amount of actually eco-friendly products there are out there. You can pretty much use them for everything from the washing machine to the dishwasher, to the spray, you know, for your kitchen bathroom. But also for, you know, your personal beauty creams, shampoos, and so many things out there so have a look. abbassare il riscaldamento “to turn down the heating” Abbassare il riscaldamento negli uffici è utile all'ambiente. “Turning down the heat is good for the environment.” usare i mezzi pubblici. “to use public transport” Usando i mezzi pubblici riduciamo l'uso di carburante. “By using public transport, we reduce the use of fuel.” There is like a double consequence in that because the first is that you don’t spend money on fuel that much because you use public transport. And the second thing is that or maybe you decided just to have a walk, you know, to have a stroll, to walk from somewhere to another because the majority of times, we take the car also for walkable distances, you know. By doing that, sometimes we do not realize that we actually create a lot of pollution without many particular reasons so this is very important. proteggere le specie in via d'estinzione “to protect endangered species” Proteggere le specie in via d'estinzione significa salvare la varietà di animali e piante del nostro pianeta. “Protecting endangered species means conserving our planet's diversity of animals and plants.” Now, we reached the conclusion of our very important lesson. Please comment, subscribe, watch our next video. We will be so happy to give you a lot of the insights about our amazing Italian language. So thanks for watching and take care guys. Have a nice day! Bye!