Tutorial Transcript

Ciao ragazzi! Hi, guys! I’m Desiree and welcome to the 10 reasons to learn Italian. So why are you watching this video probably? È una bella lingua. ”It's a beautiful language.” It’ fun to know how people hear the sound of your language and È una bella lingua, also, it’s popular for example, music like opera and song. Yeah I like my own language, È una bella lingua, “It’s a beautiful language.” La lingua è utile per il mio lavoro. “The language is useful for my job.” If you’re looking for a job in Italy or if you’re actually living in Italy and you want to find job, of course, Italian can help you. And, yeah, again maybe if you work with music like opera or what else, Italian wine, maybe it’s useful to know Italian too. Mi piacciono la cultura e le persone che parlano questa lingua. “I love the culture and the people who speak this language.” We have a long history and culture is kind of different from any other country so I would say that it’s a common reason to study Italian. Voglio aprire la mia mente e diventare più internazionale. “I want to open my mind and become more international.” We’re saying because when you learn a language, usually, you get to know the culture too and that’s how you get more international and you open your mind because you don’t think your culture is the only one or “the right one”, but when you’re studying something else, it’s easier to see things in a more objective way. So yeah, that’s a great reason to start learning a new language. Voglio parlare con la famiglia del mio partner nella loro lingua. “I want to speak to my partner's family in their language.” To be able to communicate with people that you care about. Probably a lot of people start learning a new language for this reason. Maybe they don’t know any other languages, but just the fact that you are trying to make them understand you, it’s something that makes you closer already. Fa parte dei miei studi universitari. “It's part of my university studies.” You’re learning this language in an academic way like with lessons and stuff, but I would still ask you, “Then why did you choose Italian as a language to study at university?” And then you can use the other nine reasons. Mi piace viaggiare. “I love travelling.” That’s also why you study languages. It really is different when you travel and you understand what people are saying. Even if not everything, but you can talk with locals, understand their way of living, That’s important. Maybe if you’re just doing, I don’t know, just to go to the sea or the beaches, you don’t really need a language. You just want to see the ocean for example and swim, that’s great. But if you’re travelling because you think you like that country or that you even would like to live there for some time, you need to study a bit of language. Mi piace viaggiare. “I like traveling.” Voglio capire le mie canzoni preferite, i film e i miei spettacoli preferiti. “I want to understand my favorite songs, movies and tv shows.” That’ something that can really happen with Italian because we have a lot of songs and music and classical one is really important, but also the new one if you want to understand the humor too of that culture, of that country, of people that speaks that language, you really need to understand it. So yeah, that’s a cool reason. Io vivo in un Paese che parla la lingua. “I live in a country that speaks the language.” Yeah, of course, if you’re living somewhere where they speak the language, where they speak Italian so in Italy, or also, they speak a lot of Italian in Malta and, yeah of course, Vatican City and then we have San Marino. It’s another small country that we have in Italy. And then I think they also know it in the borderline like Switzerland, Swiss, Germany and France maybe. So yeah, of course my advice is you want to study a language, go to the place that speaks that. In this case, come to Italy. Adoro l'apprendimento delle lingue. “I love learning languages.” Every language has different dynamics, thanks to which you learn that. And there are a lot of books about this topic like which language you should start learning before if you want to have some advantage in the end. And yeah, the process itself, it’s already something really cool. So, yeah, study a lot of languages. That was it for the 10 reasons to learn Italian and other languages too. So yeah, keep learning and keep following me. So subscribe here. Ciao ciao! A presto, see you soon!