Tutorial Transcript

Hi, guys! Ciao ragazzi! I’m Desiree and welcome to 10 phrases for bad students. I know you will like them, but don’t do that. chiacchierare in classe “to chat in class” This is something that I did when I was a student. Well not only me, a lot of people in my class in fact. But still, don’t do that because then, people can’t pay attention and teacher is not happy if students are talking while she or he is. dormire in classe “to sleep in class” I never did that if I remember correctly and luckily, I never did it, yeah. Even if waking up early is hard, we all know that. Do something to keep awake please, right? Something or draw or think about what you want, but don’t sleep. It’s really bad because people think you don’t care about what the teacher is saying. It’s probably true, but still, it’s never a good idea to sleep when someone is talking like now. imbrogliare ad un esame “to cheat on a test” Yeah, we all know that there are a lot of ways to cheat on a test. Let’s try not to do that because it doesn’t check our true knowledge and it makes the test quite useless. pigro “lazy” This is an adjective and yeah, “It’s bad to be lazy.” Non va bene essere pigri, because you wouldn’t be participating in the class. Maybe you don’t want to study, you don’t want to do your homework. Let’s be more proactive. Yeah that’s a good word, proactive. Plagio “plagiarism” This means that you’re copying from someone or also when you have to write an essay, for example, and you take it from the internet. So basically it’s something that is not yours. We don’t really use this word, 'plagio', but just copiare and it’s a verb. So che hai copiato. "I know you cheated." basically. prendere in giro “to tease” So tease someone, your classmate. We have the word for bullying and it’s bullismo, but prendere in giro is something that you do with friends and that doesn’t offend the other person. Unless it’s too serious or too often, the other person is not offended. Like scherzare “have fun together”, scherzare insieme scherzare “together”. rimandare “to procrastinate” For rimandare, there are two meanings. First one, procrastinate, yeah. So you need to study for next week and you’re like, oh, I still have time and then you don’t do that or you do that the day before. And the second one in Italy, if you don’t pass the final exam of one subject, you do that before the New Year so in September. And it’s sad that you are rimandato in that subject. Mandare can mean “send”. Ti mando questo. “I’m sending you this.” So rimandare means “again”. So you send again, you will be tested again basically. So yeah, rimandare, two meanings. saltare le lezioni “to skip class” Some schools, for example mine, for example, just saying, when you skip like two days or maybe they think that you skipped that on purpose, there was maybe a test or something, they call home their parents. They’d be like, “Hey, do you know that your child is not at school now?”, “Oh really? No, I didn’t know.”, or “Yeah of course, she is sleeping because she is sick.” That was what my mother said all the time. According to where you live in Italy, there is some kind of “slang” to say that you skip school or skip class. For example, in my city, Turin, we said tagliare so “to cut”. “Did you cut classes?” Hai tagliato? We didn’t even say classes. “Did you cut?” Hai tagliato? I know that in some other parts of Italy, they say, for example, bigiare but I can’t really explain it to you. I’m not sure. If you know some others, please tell me. essere bocciato “to fail a class” Actually in Italy, you can’t fail a class, you fail a year for example. If you are a bocciato that means that you failed all year. So you have to do that again. If you just failed some classes, you are rimandato so you’re sent again to take tests. non fare i compiti “not do homework” That’s something that can bring you to fail classes so yeah, “not do homework” non fare i compiti, and that’s bad because you would be punished somehow. I hope you enjoyed 10 phrases for bad students. Maybe like me, you thought about your old times in schools. I hope it was was fun, but yeah, don’t be a bad student. Remember to subscribe and to repeat what we learned, what we said so you can learn that and yeah, see you soon! Remember to subscribe. Bye-bye! Ciao, ciao! It’s a helicopter.